28 Feb 2013

I miss Paris


In my head I live in Paris, go around on a pink bicycle with a basket on the front and own a cute little florists. Sadly it is just that, in my head! I love paris and have been 7/8 times and its getting to that point were I'm needing to go back soon because I miss the place so much, its just perfect! so I just thought I'd share a few photos from recent trips. 

25 Feb 2013

My week


Left to right- new skirt/ Berty basset hound/ polaroids/ Paris memories/ drawing of my cousin/ levi boots/ massive pizza/ new cushions for my bed/ extra long wool socks/ aztec print

24 Feb 2013

60's eye make up

This is how I had my make up for my birthday in January, I love 60's eye make up ad thought id try something other then the "smokey eye" This look was really quick to actually create! First I put a primer on my eyes, I use Benefit lemonaid, it brightens the eye but really holds the eye make up. I then covered my lid with a light white eyeshadow and when past the crease of my lid and slightly onto my brow bone and in the inner corners of my eyes. Then with a felt tip eye liner lined the inside of my eyes, I then did the usual cat flick with the eyeliner. Then from the cat flick I took the eyeliner into the crease of my eye lid getting thinner up to the middle of my lid, then with a dark grey nearly black eye shadow slightly blended the eyeliner on the part furthest out in the crease of my eye lid. I also fill my eyebrows in with a dark brown eyebrow pencil and use a highlighter on my brown bone that i then blend into the eyeshadow. Complete with false eye lashes and mascara. I finished the look off with a nude matte lip to complete the 60's look! 

This weeks style inspiration

 Im going to start doing a feature every week where I create an outfit inspired by someone. This week I have chosen Lana Del Rey's outfit from The Brits.

Where as many went to the Brits in floor length gowns, Lana went for a more casual simple black Chanel shirt dress and her hair tousled in a loose plait to the side. She looked stunning as usual and stood out wearing something so simple.  

I've taken her shirt dress style and put my own take on it, I found this shirt dress in Primark for the bargain of £10. I've gone for a denim shirt dress as I find black really harsh on me, and right now denim is everywhere, but the cut is very similar. I've teamed it with a beige bag and some suede grey heels, its a way to make denim look more classy and dressed up, I also feel it has a retro look, which I absolutely love! My own take on Lana Del Reys Brit outfit.

Spring is coming

Well I like to think Spring is coming, and keep putting beautiful flower arrangements in my room but today I got caught in some snow! But positive thinking is a must, British summer time starts at the end of the next month and the shops are full of beautiful pastel colours, dresses, blazers, maxi dresses, the list goes on and I've been on a small shopping spree in the last week or so. Here's the looks I've put together.

This spring pastels are back everywhere and when I wear pastel colours I immediately feel happy and really feminine. The look on the left is quite smart and sophisticated but I think a blazer always looks sexy. I absolutely adore the mint green colour of the blazer and the lilac jeans, you would assume so much colour would look awful but they really compliment each other, and teamed with a simple pretty lacy white top makes this outfit great for lunch with the girls or even a date. The look on the right captures the nautical look that will be big this spring. I think is a lot more relaxed and would be great for a day out shopping, teamed with a big chunky cardi it would be great for spring. I've teamed it with a vintage tan bag to give it a real casual city feel. The cut of the dress at the top is great for me as I am petite it broadens me at the top and I can team it with a thin waist belt which really helps to create shape to a dress that would normally swamp me. This season there is a lot of midi dresses out, and the one I am wearing above is actually a midi, but being only 5ft3 it means its actually a maxi on me, which I don't mind because a midi on my height would really cut my legs off and make me look even more stumpy and this way I can get maxis that aren't 6" too long!


22 Feb 2013

DIY Galaxy Print shoes

I've been really busy in the last week or so with work and well err shopping, so have only just got round to posting my DIY galaxy print shoes I had a go at! I've had great feedback from them and they were dead easy and quick to do!

1. You'll need a pair of black or navy shoes, I got navy ones. You'll also need tape, and paint dye for the navy/black shoes you'll need a bright pink, cobalt blue and white. Don't bother buying a purple as you can just mix the blue and pink. 

2. Tape up the sole of the shoe to keep it neat when painting and take the laces out

3. Mix up your colours, I mixed up a lighter pink a lilac ad a lighter blue, these colours seem to take better when they are lighter. I used a brush to paint my shoes, you may find it easier with a sponge, but I often paint with the same technique used to create the galaxy effect so find it easier with a brush instead of a sponge. However I did use a sponge to take off excess paint 

4. Start dabbing on the paint in patches blending it in as you go, at first it wont show really at all but just let it dry a few mins and go back over it and it'll start to show. If you end up with harsh lines were it's not really blending dab it with a sponge and it will blend it better. 


5. Just keep going over your shoe until your happy with the effect and the colours are strong enough for  you. 

6. Lastly add some little white marks for the "stars" the paint dries quick but i still left mine over night until taking off the tape and ironing. Then admire your handy work!

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