31 Mar 2013

This weekends project!

Today I got round to doing my photo wall granted hardly any of the frames have photos in but that in itself is a project! In an earlier blog this week I wrote how I'd been collecting all different shaped and coloured photo frames to create a photo wall, well this is the finished result. It was super fun to arrange and only took an hour to do and I honestly cannot stop looking at my wall, it really is just me it has my whole personality written all over it and the best bit is I can keep adding to it! I did worry it would make my room seems smaller covering a wall but it actually feels bigger now and like I have higher ceilings. On the wall is also a shadow box I did last night, I got this shadow box from tk max/ homesense and filled it with polaroids from my trips to Paris and added some old replica travel documents a few old buttons, flowers and scrabble letters. I love doing shadow boxes because you can display so much in them, marriage certificates, medals, tickets anything you want, making it miles more interesting then just a photo frame.  Does anyone else have anything like this in their homes? or would you love to do this?

Much love
Natasha x

P.s I just had to share this gorgeous photo of the roses I also put in my room today, especially as I sit here  writing this just as the clocks have gone forward meaning its officially British summer time! Oh what's that? its meant to snow tomorrow? of course it is! 



27 Mar 2013

Photo wall inspiration

My newest project is to create a photo wall! I have been collecting photo frames over the past few months, different shapes and different colours, all with a shabby chic theme. I have even bought a new shadow box to do, which I will post later in the week as I have just started it, I love shadow boxes! The whole idea of a photo wall is that nothing really has a place, nothing matches, there's no order for anything. A photo wall really isn't for someone who likes everything in their home to have a place and to have no clutter anywhere. These walls are like you have just grabbed a load of photo frames, art, anything you can mount on a wall and just thrown it at the wall to see where it lands! Its a great way to express yourself, and really creates a talking point for any wall, and from the collecting to the placing it's all great fun. Do you have a wall like this in your house? If you did, would you have a theme?

Much Love 

25 Mar 2013

oh do beehive!

I know I am obsessed with the 60's but seriously check out these amazing 60's inspired hair styles, the bigger the better! I always fall back on a quick 60's hair search on the internet when I'm in need of a fancy hair style! The beehive is, I think, the easiest hair style you can create, and its unbelievably chic! It's sophisticated and glamorous and all it is is a bit of back coming and smoothing a top layer over to hide the back comb mess underneath, and it works best on day old hair. There's plenty of different styles to try, we don't have to look like an Amy Winehouse tribute! So here's some hair inspiration. Do any of you have a favourite hair era, an ionic safe style you always fall back on?

 all my images I use are on my pinterest, Harrison14 with the original links so make sure to give it a follow
much love
Natasha x

21 Mar 2013

Aztec mint

I posted a while ago on instagram a close up of the aztec pattern of a dress I bought and got quite a few comments so I thought I'd post it on here as aztec is everywhere. I'm not a massive aztec fan when it comes to clothing, I love it on jewellery but on clothes its not normally me, however this pastel aztec dress I couldn't resist. The pastel colours were what won me over, every year pastel colours come back round for spring without fail. Normally aztec is quite bold rich or even neon colours, never normally see it in pastel shades. I've teamed the  polo neck short sleeve dress with my mint blazer to make it more sophisticated and less for a night out. The dress is a midi dress but I've taken mine up a little because it made me look really short being 5 ft 3!

16 Mar 2013

Never ending quest to perfect pale skin

First of all I'd like to say hello to all my new followers, hello! Secondly I'd just like like to say I've had a very busy, quite stressful week at work with a few late nights. So this week I had all these plans of things to make and to share with you my amazing new dresses that I've bought, but none of this happened, so hopefully I'll get that sorted over weekend! So for tonight I've managed to snap a few photos to do a product review! I never thought I'd do these but I feel I should share because lately I've been addicted to the make up sections in stores!

Every now and again I go through this phase of wanting to be pale. Basically if you went back two months I'd have been sat here with a perfect golden brown (fake) tan, when naturally I am pale, very pale. So pale in fact I have trouble finding foundation to as pale as me, the "porcelain" shades in foundation are normally too dark on me. So I now and again to get this urge to embrace my porcelain skin and dark hair but the thing is I don't have the best skin, so when I ditch the tan every single mark on my face can be seen meaning I'm back to slapping the fake tan on! However I have been tan free for over a month (feel like I'm at an AA meeting) and have started a skin regime. 
I saw this Superdrug Naturally Radiant range in stores a few weeks ago, and it was on offer for half price so everything was at the £3 mark, I thought I'd give it a try even though all creams normally make me break out or get a rash. This however I was pleasantly surprised with, I have been using the cleansing hot cloth cleanser which is a cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser followed by either the night cream or day cream. My skin is looking a lot better, marks are fading and my skin is looking brighter and not like I look like I've just been dug up. It's also keeping my dry skin moisturised, has a light nice scent and a smooth texture. I've also got the brightening radiance balm, which I'm yet to use properly yet as I have been using the day cream, but this claims to have light reflecting particles in, to make your skin instantly appear brighter. The small tube is for under the eyes, I've noticed my eyes dont look as puffy when I wake up, which is always good! Overall I will be buying the night, day and cleansing cream again, it's nice to be having fresh looking skin for once, tan free and not looking like a corpse! 

Now onto all the make up I have bought to help me in my quest to radiant looking fair skin. It's a lot harder work I think being tan free, my skin tone isnt even, you can see dark circles and I can end up looking pretty washed out and ill where as when wearing fake tan it kinda hides everything.

1. L'oreal True match foundation in Ivory, I've gone through many pale foundations and often find them too pinky for my skin tone or end up looking really dry and flakey on me. This however is the best I've ever had, its a perfect match, which Ive never had, it blends great and even though its for fair skin covers any marks great without looking dry! It also has quite a runny consistency which is great for blending and doesnt make me feel like i have a thick layer of foundation on.

2. Revlon Photoready primer, Im not sure about this at all, I wore it one day and my make up lasted all day without coming off but my foundation didnt blend as good when I first put it on. Today I put it on 20 mins after applying my face cream and had to wipe my foundation off, my face looked so dry and gathered above my eyebrows etc, I'm not sure if it was because I'd used my face cream or just the actual primer, I'd like to know if anyone else has used this what they think?

3. Look Double hit lip, this lipstick comes with a matching gloss at the other side. The lipstick is alright, its not as good as Sleek or Collection which as a lipstick lover I swear by collection. The lip gloss however made my lips feel odd and smelt like kiddys lipgloss, it just felt like I'd put on a really cheap lip gloss. I bought this on offer for  £3.75 and is normally £7! Absolute waste of money, I'll probably just throw it in a draw and never use it again.

4. Barry M hi shine, I dont think this nail varnish is any more shiney then normal, however, the colour is really strong and solid and only starts chipping after 5 days! Really worth it for that!

 Mua make up splurge

Mua have a new range out called undress your skin and just like their normal range the packaging is awful plain and cheap, I hate it! I just want to get my hands on it and give them some pretty design to wack on it! I don't see why they cant, it's meant to be of make up artist standard even if it is sold super cheap, so reflect the quality of the product!! But packaging aside their new range is designed to help you create the natural look, and I have to say, I'm impressed! The eyeshadow palette is really good, I wear browns all the time and always use their eyeshadows so I really couldn't say no to another one for just £3! Colour lasts all day and is great for blending. The powder highlighter is great! I mean it is amazing! You hardly ever see highlighters anywhere, so when I saw this I got very excited. It has the same colour as Benefit's high beam liquid high lighter which I have just ran out of, however I much prefer this as i can run a tiny bit all over my face to help create that more radiant look on my fair skin like I would with a bronzer if I had my tan on. I also bought a concealer in "fair" I've never been able to find a good pale concealar, or they're normally too dark, this one however matches perfectly and covers up really nicely, its not real thick so I don't end up with a different texture to my foundation. The pen laid down is an under eye illuminator, I normally use benefit for under my eyes however this I would probably carry around in my hand bag instead of my under eye cover and oh la la, its slightly darker then my skin tone but the light shimmer to it helps blend it out and does make your eyes appear lighter. Lastly I bought the pro base fixer spray, I've never tried a fixing spray, I'm guilty for spraying hair spray on my face! This however is really good, not only does it keep my make up on all day ( I am a serious face toucher) it also helps soak in my makeup when I've just applied it and gives it a slight dewy effect, I would recommend spraying it before applying mascara though, or else you do end up looking like a panda. I do think its great though and don't know how I've survived all this time without it!

Overall I am slowly beginning to love the natural me now that I am finding products to enhance my natural skin tone, and quite like having white bras for once! Here's to another month tan free. 
Are you an english rose? Let me know what make up you use to enhance your porcelain skin!

Natasha x

10 Mar 2013

My week


Pointy shoes and bows/ Anthropologie perfume- in love with the bottle and want/ Bessy my sheepdog/ Barry M gel nails/ bedroom flowers/ my ice cream packaging design has his Asda/ new Tashen fashion ad book/ Company magazine and early morning train to the Leeds studio/ my breakfast on the train/ mothers day pudding/ my gift card design for Asda/ my work published


9 Mar 2013


My design work has been published! I'll have to get some better photos, but I'm too excited to wait and have to share it now! I was contacted at the end of last year about my work going into an international bi monthly design magazine based in Asia. They'd seen my work on Behance and really liked it and wanted to feature it! I was amazed as it was my second year uni work- a YCN brief set by Ted Baker. The brief was to design the packaging and campaign for Ted Baker watches, and I did mine based on the theme of Fairy tales especially Alice in Wonderland, its typically english quirky just like Ted Baker and obviously has the rabbit running round late for everything. It was based on the whole idea of catching time in jars, just like in fairy tales when fairy's are caught in jars.  Everything was hand made, I didn't step anywhere near a mac to design any of this, even all the type was created by hand. Anyway these shots in the magazine show what the display in the shops would look like with the watches trapped in jars as well as the hand made packaging. So yeah pretty exciting stuff, I also went into Asda this week and my designs for some of their packaging is finally in store! I'm an actual real life designer now!

Heres all the shots from my work


5 Mar 2013

Flower power


 I am absolutely in love with flowers at the moment as you've probably guessed from previous posts, so I'm thinking my next D.I.Y has to be a flower crown. Flower crowns are so delicate and feminine, they have a really vintage whimsical feel to them.  If you're like me you will have lots of old flower head bands and brooches you never use, and this is a great way to recycle those flowers! or even better it's a great excuse to go buy some gorgeous flowers to use. You could go all out with a massive crown like Lana and Pixie, or if that is too daunting, just pinning a few flowers into a messy bun can be equally as pretty. I love the two bottom photos, they really have that british meadow feel and the colours are beautiful together, I love the mix of flowers and how they are heavier on one side. I can't wait to do this D.I.Y and will of course post photos, however I have to do a mothers day D.I.Y for my Mum and Gran, I wonder if my Gran will want a flower crown...

1 Mar 2013

This weeks look love- 50's pastel loving

Coat- New Look/ Dresses- both River Island/ Bowler hat- H&M/ Bag- Accessorize/ Pumps- Accessorize/ Heels- River Island/ Sunglasses- River Island
I've said it already and I'll say it again, I'm so excited for spring! I am loving all the pastel colours for spring especially the pink bowler hat. I love vintage style fashion and spring is a great time to embrace it, its feminine and definitely brightens up a typical rainy march day (hence why I've added the coat!!!)

Company magazine blogger of the week!

Today I had a train journey home from Leeds and got out my favourite magazine, Company magazine. I then logged onto Twitter to see Company magazine had tweeted A Design Rookie as blog of the week! So exciting, especially as I am new to the whole blogging world, it's great to have such amazing feedback! So thank you Company magazine! and well come to my new followers! Cant wait to get blogging some more now! 
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