Flower power

5 Mar 2013


 I am absolutely in love with flowers at the moment as you've probably guessed from previous posts, so I'm thinking my next D.I.Y has to be a flower crown. Flower crowns are so delicate and feminine, they have a really vintage whimsical feel to them.  If you're like me you will have lots of old flower head bands and brooches you never use, and this is a great way to recycle those flowers! or even better it's a great excuse to go buy some gorgeous flowers to use. You could go all out with a massive crown like Lana and Pixie, or if that is too daunting, just pinning a few flowers into a messy bun can be equally as pretty. I love the two bottom photos, they really have that british meadow feel and the colours are beautiful together, I love the mix of flowers and how they are heavier on one side. I can't wait to do this D.I.Y and will of course post photos, however I have to do a mothers day D.I.Y for my Mum and Gran, I wonder if my Gran will want a flower crown...


  1. Ahhh I just love the flower crowns, a definite future DIY for me as well! Xo


  2. I've been looking for flowers but really dont know what to do without the flower crown costing me £30! I want really nice flowers :( x


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