oh do beehive!

25 Mar 2013

I know I am obsessed with the 60's but seriously check out these amazing 60's inspired hair styles, the bigger the better! I always fall back on a quick 60's hair search on the internet when I'm in need of a fancy hair style! The beehive is, I think, the easiest hair style you can create, and its unbelievably chic! It's sophisticated and glamorous and all it is is a bit of back coming and smoothing a top layer over to hide the back comb mess underneath, and it works best on day old hair. There's plenty of different styles to try, we don't have to look like an Amy Winehouse tribute! So here's some hair inspiration. Do any of you have a favourite hair era, an ionic safe style you always fall back on?

 all my images I use are on my pinterest, Harrison14 with the original links so make sure to give it a follow
much love
Natasha x


  1. LOVE these. I am currently rocking a beehive :) x

    1. Aren't they great! if i dont have my hair super curly and massive when i go out with friends i always have some kind of 60's hair going on! Just looked at your blog Emmy and its fab!! really interesting! xxx

  2. Hey lovely,
    I have nominated you for Liebster Award!
    Be sure to check my out my blog for all the info!

    Gem xx


    1. awhh thanks, ill defo check it out! xx


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