Photo wall inspiration

27 Mar 2013

My newest project is to create a photo wall! I have been collecting photo frames over the past few months, different shapes and different colours, all with a shabby chic theme. I have even bought a new shadow box to do, which I will post later in the week as I have just started it, I love shadow boxes! The whole idea of a photo wall is that nothing really has a place, nothing matches, there's no order for anything. A photo wall really isn't for someone who likes everything in their home to have a place and to have no clutter anywhere. These walls are like you have just grabbed a load of photo frames, art, anything you can mount on a wall and just thrown it at the wall to see where it lands! Its a great way to express yourself, and really creates a talking point for any wall, and from the collecting to the placing it's all great fun. Do you have a wall like this in your house? If you did, would you have a theme?

Much Love 

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