9 Mar 2013

My design work has been published! I'll have to get some better photos, but I'm too excited to wait and have to share it now! I was contacted at the end of last year about my work going into an international bi monthly design magazine based in Asia. They'd seen my work on Behance and really liked it and wanted to feature it! I was amazed as it was my second year uni work- a YCN brief set by Ted Baker. The brief was to design the packaging and campaign for Ted Baker watches, and I did mine based on the theme of Fairy tales especially Alice in Wonderland, its typically english quirky just like Ted Baker and obviously has the rabbit running round late for everything. It was based on the whole idea of catching time in jars, just like in fairy tales when fairy's are caught in jars.  Everything was hand made, I didn't step anywhere near a mac to design any of this, even all the type was created by hand. Anyway these shots in the magazine show what the display in the shops would look like with the watches trapped in jars as well as the hand made packaging. So yeah pretty exciting stuff, I also went into Asda this week and my designs for some of their packaging is finally in store! I'm an actual real life designer now!

Heres all the shots from my work


  1. This is such a great achievement! I love the designs - so wonderfully thought provoking an imaginative :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  2. Thank you so much! They say your 2nd year work should never be seen again after your third year, but I feel this is my best work, its exactly where I want my career to go! I'm glad you liked the post, was a bit nervous about posting graphic design work!

    Natasha x

  3. This is so up my street, its absolutley gorgeous and such a great idea. I'm in love :)

    Becca xx

    1. Thank you Becca :) It is quite a proud moment for me, but the funny thing is, this is a reflection of my bedroom, perfect project for me haha! xx


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