This weekends project!

31 Mar 2013

Today I got round to doing my photo wall granted hardly any of the frames have photos in but that in itself is a project! In an earlier blog this week I wrote how I'd been collecting all different shaped and coloured photo frames to create a photo wall, well this is the finished result. It was super fun to arrange and only took an hour to do and I honestly cannot stop looking at my wall, it really is just me it has my whole personality written all over it and the best bit is I can keep adding to it! I did worry it would make my room seems smaller covering a wall but it actually feels bigger now and like I have higher ceilings. On the wall is also a shadow box I did last night, I got this shadow box from tk max/ homesense and filled it with polaroids from my trips to Paris and added some old replica travel documents a few old buttons, flowers and scrabble letters. I love doing shadow boxes because you can display so much in them, marriage certificates, medals, tickets anything you want, making it miles more interesting then just a photo frame.  Does anyone else have anything like this in their homes? or would you love to do this?

Much love
Natasha x

P.s I just had to share this gorgeous photo of the roses I also put in my room today, especially as I sit here  writing this just as the clocks have gone forward meaning its officially British summer time! Oh what's that? its meant to snow tomorrow? of course it is! 



  1. That is actually so pretty! Wish I was that artistic!! Will you do me a favor and have a look at my blog and leave a few comments! Just because I am dying to know what other bloggers think! Thank you!!

  2. theres nothing to it! you just need a selection of frames that relfect who you are! and be good with a nail and hammer! Yeah sure whats the link to your blog?
    Natasha x

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