1 Mar 2013

This weeks look love- 50's pastel loving

Coat- New Look/ Dresses- both River Island/ Bowler hat- H&M/ Bag- Accessorize/ Pumps- Accessorize/ Heels- River Island/ Sunglasses- River Island
I've said it already and I'll say it again, I'm so excited for spring! I am loving all the pastel colours for spring especially the pink bowler hat. I love vintage style fashion and spring is a great time to embrace it, its feminine and definitely brightens up a typical rainy march day (hence why I've added the coat!!!)


  1. love all of these, particularly the trench coat, pink dress and bowler hat- definitely ones to add to my wish list! great choices :)
    http://emmabydesign.blogspot.co.uk x

  2. well come to my blog Emma :) I know it would be such a great look wouldn't it? so sophisticated and pretty! I've tried two h&m's now for the pink bowler hat! Still not in stock yet, booo.
    Your blogs fab :)

  3. ps I've tried following you on blogspot but i cant find any follow button! x

  4. aww that's annoying, its hard to buy hats off the internet incase they don't fit or don't look right! I just found the same hat in burgundy- now I'm really tempted! thankyou for looking at my blog it means a lot that you like it as I've only just started blogging again :) I've added a follow button now I think! but let me know if it doesn't work as I'm still pretty clueless haha :') congrats on winning company blogger of the week by the way thats amazing! x

  5. Yeah i tried blogging whilst at uni and it didnt really happen! but now I'm doing this to show my passion for fashion etc so that in a few years it will help towards me moving over from packaging design to fashion retail design :) it's really addictive blogging, I've only been doing this since feb! haha. And you have a subscribe? not a join this site with google friends connect, you know like how you joined mine :) and thank you! I was pretty chuffed! x

  6. These outfits are really cute. I love the vintage 50's!!


  7. I want pink bowler hat river island cant find anywhere

  8. its H&M its on the website :) x


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