29 Apr 2013

Pink Lemonade

The sunshine has really inspired me to start eating more fruit and what better way to get more fruit but to make fruit cocktails! The cocktail I made today is a Pink Lemonade cocktail. All you need is, raspberries, sugar, raspberry and cranberry juice and lemonade. Put a handful of raspberries into a glass, for the jar I used about 7 raspberries, then using a wooden spoon mash the raspberries, then fill half the glass with the raspberry and cranberry juice and top with the lemonade. I finished mine with a raspberry  but you could use a slice of lemon. Putting simple fruit cocktails in jars like the one I used is a great way to dress up a simple recipe and would look great at a garden party! 
much love



  1. This looks amazing! And so pretty in the jar :)


    1. It is amazing, you must try it!! ive now changed it slightly and swapped half the raspberries for strawberries, so nice! I keep making them for me and my mum. I'm going to go buy some taller jars at weekend and make them again for my bf to try!


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