Pink Lemonade

29 Apr 2013

The sunshine has really inspired me to start eating more fruit and what better way to get more fruit but to make fruit cocktails! The cocktail I made today is a Pink Lemonade cocktail. All you need is, raspberries, sugar, raspberry and cranberry juice and lemonade. Put a handful of raspberries into a glass, for the jar I used about 7 raspberries, then using a wooden spoon mash the raspberries, then fill half the glass with the raspberry and cranberry juice and top with the lemonade. I finished mine with a raspberry  but you could use a slice of lemon. Putting simple fruit cocktails in jars like the one I used is a great way to dress up a simple recipe and would look great at a garden party! 
much love


  1. This looks amazing! And so pretty in the jar :)

    1. It is amazing, you must try it!! ive now changed it slightly and swapped half the raspberries for strawberries, so nice! I keep making them for me and my mum. I'm going to go buy some taller jars at weekend and make them again for my bf to try!


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