Losing my vintage fair virginity

5 May 2013

I thought I would write up a bit of a big photo post today on my vintage weekend which includes a flower crown, a vintage fair, a 1950's camera, lots of burger and a soda bottle. I'll start off by sharing with you what I wore this weekend to go to the vintage fair. I wore a long blue printed maxi dress that I bought from h&m a few years ago, I teamed it with a thin brown belt around the waist, a green cardigan and a big peace sign necklace. I also wore my amazing flower crown from h&m which is on  wide elastic so sits really nicely on my head! I was kinda going for a vintage boho theme. The flower crown got quite a few nice comments of people including an old man who stopped me which was very sweet!

I have to admit up until now I was a vintage fair virgin. The vintage fair was in Hull where I live and was at our amazing city hall, where I actually graduated last year. There was a small que to get in and me and my boyfriend paid and entered where we were both shocked to see how busy it was with people! There were people every where, to the point it were was hard to even move from stall to stall. There were plenty of stalls, mostly clothing but there was also a beauty stall, some jewelry ones and a few home ware ones which was great. I first spotted an amazing  vintage suitcase for £8 but after getting all excited I sadly put on my sensible hat and said "but I have no room" so left the suitcase for someone else to find. I then continued to walk around pointing at a lot of things till I got to a stall that was selling vintage cameras and at that point I was stupidly excited on the inside and trying to keep it cool on the outside! I'm pretty sure my boyfriend picked up on this. I didn't know which one to go for at all they had all different ones and seen as I know little about vintage cameras but just think they're cool and I want some to play with I went all on appearance and bought a Coronet twelve-20 which I have since found out is from 1950. I'm really excited to find out more, clean it up and possibly see if it still works, and if doesn't it looks great in my room. We then continued to walk around where I bought a bag of bits for scrap booking which was a bargain for £5 as in Hobbycraft a small bag of replicas is more and you hardly get anything! 
It was a great atmosphere at the fair, I'm glad I went and later this month Im going to take my Gran to one in Bridlington because I just know she'll love it! 

After the fair me and my boyfriend went to a place called Larkins down Newland Avenue in Hull. Newland Avenue is full of boutiques, coffee shops and bars, you're always spoilt for choice as to where to eat down there. We both ordered a burger, fries and onion rings. The presentation was great and it tasted it just as nice! I was full for the rest of the day!

Now here is the amazing camera I bought from the fair, isn't she great? I also popped into a small town called Beverly today and visited an antiques shop and bought this soda bottle for £3 I love the label on it and the ceramic lid! I have a soft spot for old bottles and I recently smashed all mine so this one is a great start to the collection!
Well I hope you enjoyed my weekend post, and if anyone has ever used the camera I bought please let me know!
Much love
Natasha x


  1. Love the pictures :) the camera is aammmazing :)

    1. thank you! I know isnt she the cutest! I'm going to have to get some film for it and take some photos! so exciting! xx


  2. Whoa a vintage fair?! That sounds amazing! Aww hopefully you'll have room for things as large as a suitcase. Seems like a perfect prop too!

    That camera!!!! Have you googled to see what pictures could come out as? It would be so cool if it worked!

    1. I cant wait to have my own place one day and fill it with things from Vintage fairs! and yes I have the photos look amazing, all vintage and retro colours slightly off bit blurred, I'm so excited to use it! I bought another camera today as well so I'll be posting about that soon as well!
      Natasha xx

  3. Love the camera you bought, hope it works!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  4. What a pretty blog you have. I love your outfit especially the dress. I love vintage fairs, I could spend hours just wandering around.

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  5. That maxi dress is gorgeous! Can't believe it's from h&m.. I love vintage shops - some of my favs are up in liverpool I love finding an excuse to go up there and do a spot of shopping! :-)

    If you get a chance id love for you to check out my blog too - http://right-up-my-street.blogspot.com



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