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21 Jun 2013

I thought I would start doing a regular post on my photo journal. I love scrap booking, I love paper! Nothing better then spending hours browsing craft stores for some gems, I also like to use vintage finds.  Now let me introduce you to the amazing Smash folio from K&Company. This book is filled with different designed pages, tt makes it miles easier then scrap booking from scratch because you don't need all the backing paper because its already there, so you're set to go. The smash folio range comes with different style books, from a wedding one, travel one to a retro one, I chose the girly style! There is also a large range of extras to buy to help you with your smash folio. The whole range is very quirky and nostalgic and this is why I love it so much! 

I love creating polaroid photos in photoshop to put in my book, it just adds that extra detail to my book!

You only need a few elements to add to each page to make it really unique and pretty.

These are a few photos to show some of the pages I am yet to do in my book.

Some pages are too pretty to stick anything over!

Each book comes with a double ended pen, one ends a fine liner and the others a glue stick, super handy for creating your perfect book!

I love this tape, it's from the smash folio range and I cannot wait to use it on the next batch of photos I have to add to my book. I bought my smashfolio from Hobbycraft for around £13 and I think it's amazing, its a really high quality, and I will not be stopping at this one book that is for sure! Do any of you have a smash folio?
Much Love
Natasha x


  1. this is adorable. can't wait to see more! i wish i was as creative and crafty as you. i need more hobbies!

    1. awh this is easy to do, i reckon you could do this xx

  2. This is so nice, you are so imaginative and creative. Love the whole idea of this!

  3. This is so awesome. Think I may have a look into getting one for myself.


  4. haha i literally just suggested hobbycraft on twitter, then came and read your hobbycraft post! :) ops.
    Your book is amazing, i've always wanted to do something a little like this! :) xx


  5. This is just what I have been looking for! I'm rubbish at choosing which scrapbooking papers to use - there's too much choice ha!

    Your journal is beautiful.

    Nic xx

  6. I love Smash Journals, I have three on the go at the minute :)

    I mention a couple of online craft stores that stock Smash products on my blog if you are after more goodies.

    Esther xxx


  7. I love it, will have to check this out so pretty.


  8. Your journal is so beautiful and inspiring!
    I'm desperate to make one of these my mum for Christmas!



  9. This looks gorgeous! I'm going to have a look into this! x


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