Minature message in a bottle

19 Jun 2013

My second DIY this week is yet again inspired by ohhelloblog but I have put my own twist on it. As seen in my last post, I have been recycling old jewellery and making new things with it. I posted a photo in my last post of a selection of old jewellery, and in that was a really tacky charm bracelet. I decided to remove all the charms and put them to good use!

I created this really tiny message in a bottle by taking a small glass bottle with a cork and adding one of the charms to the bottle using some decorative chord. I chose the eiffel tower as this is where me and my boyfriend will be visiting in summer, and the bottle was for him.

I then wrote a few messages on small pieces of paper, rolled them up and tied some more chord around the messages and popped them in the bottle.

To make the bottle more of a gift, I took a small brown paper bag, and using some decorative tape stuck a rose to the bag. I love decorative tape, it really adds detail to what would be something so plain, I use it all the time! 

Lastly I took a paper tag and used the tape again to stick a large vintage ticket note to the paper tag and wrote a message onto that ( I know worst hand writing in the world right?) . I added another rose and a photo of me and my boyfriend in a little metal frame to make it more personal. The paper tag is a great alternative to a card or the normal gift tag. I think this is a really personal cute present to make for someone, it could be for a friend or even for someones wedding, and the great thing is, it's easy to do and it doesnt break the bank! Do you ever make little personal presents for people?
Much Love
Natasha x


  1. I love this, it's so cute. Where did you get the little bottles?


  2. What a gorgeous idea, the little bottle would make a great necklace too!

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven


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