D.I.Y Flower Crown

14 Jul 2013

It has been a while since I did a DIYso today I created my own floral crown, I have seen some really gorgeous floral crowns online but they are so expensive, so I decided to make my own. That way I get it exactly how I want it and at a fraction of the price

You will need,
a selection of flowers (hobby craft do really good realistic ones)
wire cutters
floral tape
and green garden wire

  2. Create a circle of wire to fit your head, I wrapped mine around 4 times to make it sturdy, i secrured it together by cutting pieces 4 inches long and wrapping it around a few sections

 3. Take your flower and cut some more wire and secure it onto the band by wrapping it around the stem of the flower

4.  Now start building up your crown by adding more flowers, keep trying it on to make sure you like how its going. I did mine so it was heavy to one side as I wanted a crown were the flowers were more to the left of my head and not all the way across.

5. Once you have all your flowers on secure the end and hide the wire on the ends with the floral tape

This crown took about an hour to make and cost about £10 to create. It was really easy to do and I love my crown! Another idea would be to make one as an alternative to a hat/fascinator for a wedding or ladies day, for flowers a little more formal but just as beautiful I would goto Randall Ribbons *. They sell gorgeous flowers that are more suitable for occasions like this, I especially love their flowers made from feathers! Amazing if you want to stand out and wear something nobody else will have!
   Let me know if you make one!  
Much Love 
Natasha xx


  1. I love floral crowns, this one is so pretty. Great tutorial.


    1. thank you. its great being able to pick your flowers to suit you :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. the obsession going to far? haha x

    2. waht is this *too far* you speak of? no way! but i want one. and i don't have a craft shop. now whaaaaaaaaat?

  3. Lovely DIY! Reminds me to make more floral crowns at some point too :) xx


  4. I'm not a huge fan of flower crowns, but yours is so pretty! I love how you've used a mix of colours and flower sizes and you look adorable :))

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven

    1. i was more inspired by wedding ones were they use quite meadow type flowers rather then a massive Lana del rey type one as they're not massive then :) thank you :) best comment because your not a crown lover! x

  5. This looks so pretty, and for the price of the materials it is brill. :-) such a fun post, xx

    1. i know now i have the wire etc i can just keep making them, today i bpought some flowers for £4 and made one and had loads left over! xx

  6. That looks so pretty, I'm definitely going to try and make this! And I've followed your blog, I would be really happy if you could follow me back :) xx


  7. its absolutely gorgeous, you did a great job!

  8. That's so pretty! I would love to wear one of those :) I also love your nail color xx

  9. I've just come by your blog and I love it! Haven't come across many blogs like yours! Love how creative you are! Will most defiantly be following!


  10. Very bc ool! No wonder they copied and pasted this to their own blog! Lol sorry that happened though. Nice chatting with you today! Xo Anna www.crazygorgeous.wordpress.com


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