Traditional Spanish town

30 Jul 2013

Well I'm back! Yesterday I got back from an amazing holiday to Valencia. We had a great time it was hot, and I mean hot, 43c some days, which made walking up mountains very hard! Over the next week I am going to share a few posts from my trip, the days were so different I think some deserve their own post. Valencia is a beautiful city and is surrounded by amazing views and gorgeous traditional spanish towns, an hours drive from were we was staying was a beautiful market town. We strolled through the market which was just like the ones we have here but once we worked our way up the hills you became lost in a maze of narrow streets. It was beautiful, some of the streets were only a meter wide 
and on each corner you would find old chairs were the old men would sit and stray cats would sit by them, it  really was an enchanting place. 

My boyfriend bought me this beautiful duck egg blue maxi dress whilst on holiday

Much love
Natasha x


  1. This looks beautiful.

    I love the colours xxx


  2. these are some beautiful pictures, looks like a lovely trip :)


  3. Beautiful photos, looks like a gorgeous place.


  4. That picture of the chairs is stunning. Really. What a great shot :) Sounds like you had a great trip!

    xo Ashley

  5. Beautiful photos! Pretty dress too.
    Adela x

  6. Such beautiful photos!! Seems like a lovely place to visit! Also love the dress, very pretty. X

  7. Beautiful! Love your mint dress - one of my favourite colours!


  8. I adore that mint green dress! Gorgeous. The photos are amazing! :) Lovely post. And it was really nice to meet you at the Leeds Blogger Meet!

    Rosie xxx

  9. That mint dress is dreamy!
    Found your link through twitter and love your imagery.

    Now following :)
    If you want to check mine out that would be great!
    Jenna xx


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