31 Aug 2013

Introducing Sweet Tooth

Hello, I have something exciting to share! I've been wanting to tell you all for ages!  but this is the first lot, lets call it the taster lot, from my Sweet Tooth jewellery range! As you can see all the jewellery looks like you could eat it. I especially love the disney inspired cupcakes and macaroon stack! All the pendants have been made by hand especially for me. All this will be available on my Etsy "AdesignRookie" in the next few days but as I said this is a taster run to see if you guys like them, so I only have very limited numbers!  
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What do you think?
Much Love
Natasha x


26 Aug 2013

It takes getting everything you ever wanted, then losing it, to know what true freedom is.


For this outfit post I wanted to create a style with a sense of that boho freedom. I love that southern american style that Lana Del Rey sometimes rocks, with cow boy boots and tan leather jackets, sadly I didn't have a dessert to go do this shoot in, so had to settle for a field! The lovely people over at Ark Clothing sent me this gorgeous cream lace halter neck playsuit from their hearts & bows range. It's stunning, it has a deep v neck on the front and is completely backless, it's like, if Maralyn Monroe's white dress would have been a playsuit, this would have been it. I could have teamed it with your typical pair of heels and big hair, which would have looked great, but I wanted it to be more my style! I teamed it with a pair of Levi leather cowboy boots and a tan leather jacket from Newlook, slicked my hair up in a not so neat mini beehive and popped my aviators on. I love the whole look, it's great for autumn, and takes something that would typically be seen as a night time piece and changes it into a great day time outfit. I love this style because it's also not being seen on every girl walking down the street!  
Much Love 
Natasha xx

25 Aug 2013

Sneek Peek into my Rookie jewellery

Well I have a little surprise for you all, A Design Rookie is spreading out into handmade jewellery! As some of you know I am a graphic designer, and lately I have been dying to create something that I could sell in my own little shop, I've toyed with a lot of ideas, and finally settled on my own handmade jewellery! I've been illustrating cute little animals, naming them and turning them into quirky little pendants, this range is called "the little portraits" range and will feature 11 portratis. You can see two of them above that I have been working on. I obviously had to do a Berty Basset one after my little basset! The illustrations are all created by me and will sit in my shop at £6.50 each, each pendant is on a long chain, and will come on a gift tag as pictured above.  I also have another range which is really really exciting, I cannot wait to be able to share it with you, its called "sweet tooth" and that is all I am going to say for now but it really is something different! My shop can be found here with these two ready to buy but will be fully up and running in a week or so with more from the "little portraits" range and "sweet tooth" so make sure to follow to keep updated. Let me know what you think!
Much Love 
Natasha xx


24 Aug 2013

What I love about Paris

flower stalls



the river

 the beauty in the smallest buildings

the artists



street art

the lights

I thought I'd share with you a few of the little details that make me love Paris, I could have shared all the usual things like the Louvre etc but once you've been a few times it's not those things that you fall in love with. It's the small things that capture you. I always love to wander the small streets away from the tourists and get completely lost in the heart of Paris! 


18 Aug 2013

We'll always have Paris

Sorry I haven't been blogging in what seems forever, but I have been super busy and off wandering around Paris. To make up for my lack of being a blogger, I will blog my little heart out over the next few weeks about everything I have been upto,  throw in a few DIY's and also give you a sneak peek into wait for it... my "Rookie" store that i shall be launching with handmade and vintage items! Anyway for my first blog post back, I must warn you that you might need a sick bucket, it involves me my boyfriend and a certain bridge covered in locks in Paris. Yes you're right it will be that cringy!

We went to Paris for a week, it was my 8th time and my boyfriends first and we planned to put a lock onto the "lovers bridge" in Paris, we decided we would go do it when it was sunset to make it a bit more special. Being a memorable moment I needed to look good so I decided to wear this black jumpsuit* that had been lovingly sent to me from the amazing people at Ark Clothing . All parisian women have their "goto" black pieces they always put on to be effortlessly chic and not being a fan of black dresses for the day time this was perfect to wear. It's amazingly comfy, I mean really comfy, like pj comfy and yet still looks amazing. I really liked it because it was a more fitted playsuit, the bottom part was more fitted like trousers instead of being super baggy like a lot of jumpsuits are which being short make me look really frumpy, the waist is elasticated so the top part folds over a little, adding detail to the outfit. I teamed it with studded pumps and a gold and peach necklace with over sized sun glasses, for an effortless look. I would easily wear this with some bright heels for the night, but no way were my feet going to wear heels in Paris after all the walking we'd done!

Stroll along the vintage book, magazine and print stalls along the side of the river

Sun set on the bridge

  Our lock that Nathan got engraved, we threw two keys into the water after putting the lock on the bridge and kept the third key

"Lovers Bridge"

Much love
Natasha xxx

1 Aug 2013


Second holiday post! hope it's not boring you all yet! Todays post is a few photos from my trip to the beautiful Xativa. Xativa is a town at the bottom of a mountain, one hour from the city of Valencia. The town has a newer part with shops and cafes, then as you work your way through and up, the town becomes more traditional; narrow streets and old miss-match buildings. However what you really goto Xativia is to goto the top of the mountain to the amazing castle ruins, and stunning views. We drove up the narrow roads to the top, then had to walk up the ruins in about 43c, it was very hard work but the views were incredible, totally worth it, I'll let you see for yourself what I mean. 

Totally worth it, see what I mean?
Much love
Natasha xx

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