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26 Aug 2013


For this outfit post I wanted to create a style with a sense of that boho freedom. I love that southern american style that Lana Del Rey sometimes rocks, with cow boy boots and tan leather jackets, sadly I didn't have a dessert to go do this shoot in, so had to settle for a field! The lovely people over at Ark Clothing sent me this gorgeous cream lace halter neck playsuit from their hearts & bows range. It's stunning, it has a deep v neck on the front and is completely backless, it's like, if Maralyn Monroe's white dress would have been a playsuit, this would have been it. I could have teamed it with your typical pair of heels and big hair, which would have looked great, but I wanted it to be more my style! I teamed it with a pair of Levi leather cowboy boots and a tan leather jacket from Newlook, slicked my hair up in a not so neat mini beehive and popped my aviators on. I love the whole look, it's great for autumn, and takes something that would typically be seen as a night time piece and changes it into a great day time outfit. I love this style because it's also not being seen on every girl walking down the street!  
Much Love 
Natasha xx


  1. You absolute beauty, this photos look amazing!
    Chelsea x

  2. That's a lovely playsuit! I'm a big fan of Lana Del Rey's southern style (and music) :)
    Great post!

    Kayleigh -

  3. gorgeous look!

  4. such a stunning look, the location too! xx

  5. Wow these photos are gorgeous honey, love the play suit too


  6. That look is amazing, no desert required. I think the field provided the perfect backdrop!

  7. I love the photographs, you are having a Marilyn moment there in black and white! the playsuit looks gorgeous on u. x

  8. These photos are ridiculously beautiful! You look stunning in that playsuit too :) what camera do you use please? xxxx

  9. can i say i am completely in love with the whole outfit, that playsuit is gorgeous! i recently confessed my obsession for lana del rey on my blog so this has really given me some style inspiration. and the photo's.. wow. :) xx


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