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18 Aug 2013

Sorry I haven't been blogging in what seems forever, but I have been super busy and off wandering around Paris. To make up for my lack of being a blogger, I will blog my little heart out over the next few weeks about everything I have been upto,  throw in a few DIY's and also give you a sneak peek into wait for it... my "Rookie" store that i shall be launching with handmade and vintage items! Anyway for my first blog post back, I must warn you that you might need a sick bucket, it involves me my boyfriend and a certain bridge covered in locks in Paris. Yes you're right it will be that cringy!

We went to Paris for a week, it was my 8th time and my boyfriends first and we planned to put a lock onto the "lovers bridge" in Paris, we decided we would go do it when it was sunset to make it a bit more special. Being a memorable moment I needed to look good so I decided to wear this black jumpsuit* that had been lovingly sent to me from the amazing people at Ark Clothing . All parisian women have their "goto" black pieces they always put on to be effortlessly chic and not being a fan of black dresses for the day time this was perfect to wear. It's amazingly comfy, I mean really comfy, like pj comfy and yet still looks amazing. I really liked it because it was a more fitted playsuit, the bottom part was more fitted like trousers instead of being super baggy like a lot of jumpsuits are which being short make me look really frumpy, the waist is elasticated so the top part folds over a little, adding detail to the outfit. I teamed it with studded pumps and a gold and peach necklace with over sized sun glasses, for an effortless look. I would easily wear this with some bright heels for the night, but no way were my feet going to wear heels in Paris after all the walking we'd done!

Stroll along the vintage book, magazine and print stalls along the side of the river

Sun set on the bridge

  Our lock that Nathan got engraved, we threw two keys into the water after putting the lock on the bridge and kept the third key

"Lovers Bridge"

Much love
Natasha xxx


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm taking my second trip to Paris later this year and I can't wait - Hope you had a lovely time.

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


    1. thankyou and it was lovely :) xx

  2. Really gorgeous photos! Love the one of you guys kissing, very romantic :) Me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to Paris in the near future and will be doing the lovers lock bridge - you just have to don't you!? Hope you had an amazing time, love your outfit and your bag! Where's it from?



    1. you really do! get a lock before like we did, and have it engraved :) and my playsuit is from Ark clothing and my bag was from a random shop in Valencia :|) x

  3. such beautiful beautiful shots! xx

  4. I absolutely love your photography. Its all you :)I got a chance to see Paris, but not in the way I hoped. Like I think it's only suitable for a lovers destination and hopefully one day I'll get that chance. The last shot is so beautiful and I love how you kept just the one key. May I ask what kind of camera do you use?
    Luv Michaela xxx

    1. such lovely comments thank you very much! and i use a canon 450d its about 4 years old now, but works great :) xx

  5. Awh, thats very sweet and such lovely photos. I wanted to go with my boyfriend when we went to Paris last year and completely forgot!


  6. This is so lovely & romantic! I'd love to go to Paris.. they had a similar thing in Rome with the padlocks on a bridge..



  7. Beautiful photos, especially that last one hoe did you get that? I really want to out a lock on that bridge.


  8. What a lovely backdrop. I was there a few weeks back and visited the bridge without my boyf! When we go back I'll definitely take an engraved and different shaped lock. Such a cute idea.

    P.S Nice jumpsuit! ;)

    1. its so hard to find a lock with no branding on to get it engraved! we got ours from b&q in the end :) xx

  9. Gorgeous photos! Now I definitely want to go back to Paris again, haha. It's just one of those cities you could keep re visiting! X

  10. Gorgeous in the playsuit!I really want to visit lovers bridge, i love the idea of all those locks and everyone having a name and story. :-)


  11. Ohh my gosh this is so romantic! Me and my boyfriend locked a padlock onto the bridge when we went last year, but I don't think green felt tip is QUITE as romantic as an engraving, haha!

    Paris is my all time favourite place, would love to live there one day.

    Love your blog!

    1. thank you :) as long as you didnt find it sickening! haha xx

  12. I love the all black ensemble! very chic! just followed you dear. check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. :)


  13. Such a lovely post, keep it up.


  14. This post was super sweet! What a perfect fairytale moment! ahhh I'm a sucker for cute stories♥

    Great post overall! I also really like your jumpsuit!!


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