1 Aug 2013

Second holiday post! hope it's not boring you all yet! Todays post is a few photos from my trip to the beautiful Xativa. Xativa is a town at the bottom of a mountain, one hour from the city of Valencia. The town has a newer part with shops and cafes, then as you work your way through and up, the town becomes more traditional; narrow streets and old miss-match buildings. However what you really goto Xativia is to goto the top of the mountain to the amazing castle ruins, and stunning views. We drove up the narrow roads to the top, then had to walk up the ruins in about 43c, it was very hard work but the views were incredible, totally worth it, I'll let you see for yourself what I mean. 

Totally worth it, see what I mean?
Much love
Natasha xx


  1. Looks lovely hun, some fab views xx

  2. I have nominated you for the Leibster award!
    Visit my blog to find out more...


  3. stunning photographs! I would love to visit and see it for myself (one day hey?) I hope you do a post of little foxy cos I want to make one! x

  4. It looks so beautiful! Such a pretty place :)
    Now following you on bloglovin.

  5. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! please take a look on my blog for more info :) xx


  6. Beautiful pictures! This looks like such a gorgeous place to visit, must put it on the list!


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