30 Sep 2013

A look into my room

I spend half my time buying pointless but pretty things for my room, things that others would normally walk by. I stand for ages rearranging my shelves and dressing table to get it looking perfect. I thought I would share aspects of my room with you! In the first few photos you can see a wooden frame with polaroids hanging; i have no idea what it's real purpose is. I found it in tkmax reduced and wanted it, I stood for ages deciding what I could use it for, I think it was meant for gardening. Nathan came up with the amazing polaroid idea and I've finally got round to it! The stamp in front of it is an amazing stamp I am yet to use, it has phrases on and the date, I cant wait to use it in my smash book! I'm obsessed with washi tape and have found displaying it in my room looks great and adds color. You can see I have washi taped a vintage camera to make it more interesting as well as using it to stick old cigarette cards and a cute vintage giraffe pin to my shelves. On the photo that shows two shelves there is some stripy cloth hanging at the side, this is a scarf I bought from Primark to use as kind of like a blind to hide my tall narrow dvd rack. A lot of the stuff on my shelves is stuff I've bought from carboot sales and vintage shops, theres nothing better then finding a little nick nack to add to the collection! Oh and I made the fox it is what started me off designing my animal jewellery! I still live at home, but look forward to the day I buy my own house to restore and decorate it because lets face it by the time that happens I will have bought enough pointless pretty nick nacks to decorate a whole house!  
Hope you enjoyed the little look into my room!
Much Love 
Natasha xxx


29 Sep 2013

Camera straps and the between

 This weekend I got to finally use my camera to capture the changing of the seasons, I love the colours between the seasons, and the comparison between the things that are still holding onto life with the things that are dying.  A few weeks ago I was sent an amazing accessory that I think everybody with a camera needs. The lovely people over at Rigu sent me this super cool green and cream striped camera strap. It looks so much better then my normal canon one! The quality is amazing, it's a lot more padded then my canon one and who doesn't want to jazz up their camera?  I was really surprised at how cheap they are they start at around £15 and p&p is free in the UK and a couple of pound to Europet. If thats not good enough all design rookie readers will get 10% off with the code ROOKIE10 I have my eye on a gorgeous flower and fruit patterned one for myself and a jazzy aztec one for my friend for christmas.

We visited the beautiful Burton Agnes Hall grounds. The gardens that bloom in summer had lost their leaves and colour but yet it was such a beautiful sight. With the autumn sun shining down it was really peaceful and magical, who new something dying could be so beautiful? 
Much Love
Natasha xxx

19 Sep 2013

time for a spot of afternoon tea

 Little tip- instead of buying jars, buy the supermarkets cheap brand jam for around 30p and use those jars, so much cheaper! 

This weekend I did a little afternoon tea for my mums birthday. I had my Gran baking, Nathan making sandwiches and I was baking scones and the best ever brownies (so I've been told). It was lovely, I made my raspberry and strawberry cocktail and put it into jars with big stripey straws and decorated the table with bunting, photos and flowers in bottles. Whilst the rain poured down outside everyone tucked in, and over indulged on scones and clotted cream!

Competition time!

Hello, I have an exciting competition from the lovely people over at ao.com Up for grabs is a £40 Amazon voucher, you may think, Amazon? pfffft I'd prefer clothes! Well I thought Amazon would be perfect because for one, christmas is coming soon, it could be a great way to buy presents for family and for two I sure would go wild with an Amazon voucher. I've had a look on amazon to see what I would buy with some of the £40. I'd go buy the Beautiful mess book for sure and stock up on smash book supplies ( this is the scrap book I sometimes feature). You could even by a Diana Lomo camera and still have change to spare! but thats what I'd spend it on, what would you spend it on?

So to enter here is what you have to do.
You can gain more entries depending on how many different ways you enter, so heres the list.
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If you have entered through any of these ways please comment on here to let me know, don't forget to give me your username for each way you have entered. If you tweet about my competition please provide the link. At the end of your comment please provide your email address so I can let you know if you win. Giveaway open to UK residents only and closes on 7/10/2013. Goodluck!


8 Sep 2013

Valencia flower festival

I forgot to share these couple of photos from my trip to Valencia, and the amazing colours mean I cant not post them! At the end of july Valencia have a festival called the festival of flowers, to end a month of celebrations. They close off a massive main road and the locals all create floats covered in flowers which are judged. Some of them were really amazing and others ermm kind of lacked in flowers? Women and girls ride the floats, some wear traditional clothing were as others go a bit more fun on their costumes. Now this is were I explain the photos above! Once a float is chosen as a winner the most bizarre thing happens! Every one starts throwing flowers at the floats, and the girls throw them back or hit them with bats. I aren't talking a handful of flowers I mean thousands and thousands, it was the most oddest thing to witness. At the end when all the floats had left the road all the onlookers just piled into the road and had one massive flower fight. IT WAS AMAZING! I was throwing flowers, which surprisingly were quite heavy at strangers, it was like a snowball fight but with flowers, it was hilarious, we had little children making us their target whilst we were throwing them at other adults then running away! Was the craziest weirdest moment of my life but so much fun 
(check out my massive cheesy grin) 
Much Love Natasha x

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