Valencia flower festival

8 Sep 2013

I forgot to share these couple of photos from my trip to Valencia, and the amazing colours mean I cant not post them! At the end of july Valencia have a festival called the festival of flowers, to end a month of celebrations. They close off a massive main road and the locals all create floats covered in flowers which are judged. Some of them were really amazing and others ermm kind of lacked in flowers? Women and girls ride the floats, some wear traditional clothing were as others go a bit more fun on their costumes. Now this is were I explain the photos above! Once a float is chosen as a winner the most bizarre thing happens! Every one starts throwing flowers at the floats, and the girls throw them back or hit them with bats. I aren't talking a handful of flowers I mean thousands and thousands, it was the most oddest thing to witness. At the end when all the floats had left the road all the onlookers just piled into the road and had one massive flower fight. IT WAS AMAZING! I was throwing flowers, which surprisingly were quite heavy at strangers, it was like a snowball fight but with flowers, it was hilarious, we had little children making us their target whilst we were throwing them at other adults then running away! Was the craziest weirdest moment of my life but so much fun 
(check out my massive cheesy grin) 
Much Love Natasha x


  1. Wow, this looks so fun :)

  2. Looks so beautiful and sounds like so much fun =)


  3. Wow this looks so much fun. & beautiful colours captured through the pictures :)


  4. Aww, yay! I remember you telling me about this! These pictures are incredible and it does look like SO. MUCH. FUN.

    Sophie x xx

  5. oh my gosh that looks like so much fun!!! look at your massive grins haha!

  6. Wow this looks amazing, the colours are gorgeous! I would love to go for that!

  7. WOW this looks amazing, such gorgeous images!

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    Thanks x

  8. That looks so much fun. I love learning about other cultures from blogs. You find out so many interesting things. Lovely colours as well. x

  9. I would like to visit Valencia one day and preferably during the Flower Festival it looks fab!! xx


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