27 Oct 2013

Snow white

 The lovely people at Bank Fashion sent me this gorgeous white dress. The dress is really floaty and layered, which I love, it kind of has a whimsical feel to it. As someone with pale skin I always feel white can easily wash you out, but this doesn't at all. I wore a black bow, black heels and dark gothic red lipstick to actually emphasize and clash with the white dress and my pale skin. The dress has a lovely beaded detail around the neck line which means you don't need many accessories, it also has pockets which give it a more casual feel. It's nice to find something that could be worn for a meal but still worn for a night out and I love how it has a really innocent angelic look to it.
Much Love 
Natasha xx


20 Oct 2013

Autumn time

I haven't posted in a while as I have been really busy and full of cold, so I'm super sorry about my lack of posting, and hopefully will make up for it this week! I thought I would share some lovely autumn photos I took on a walk last week. I just love autumn colours. If you would like to keep up with a design rookie when I've not posted in a while, make sure to follow my instagram it's updated every few days -natashaaharrison 
Much Love 

2 Oct 2013

Washi tape diy phone case

Quick and easy DIY today, its pretty self explanatory this one. I bought a clear phone case off ebay for £2 to do something fun with, I decided to washi tape it (no surprise there) If you read my last post you will see I've been going a bit wild with the washi  tape lately! I bought this super cute pack of tape from Paperchase and had to have a go with that as well as using some I got whilst in Valencia. All you need to do is stick your tape on, making sure to cut the holes out for your camera etc, then seal it all with a few layers of PVA glue or something similar to stop it from peeling away, and voila a 
cute fun phone case 
Much Love 
Natasha xxx
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