Million Carat gift set

10 Dec 2013

Is this a beauty post you see, here on a design rookie? Yep it sure is, and I have been intending to start dabbling in it. This post is to share with you this amazing FREE gift from Boots when you spend £15 on L'oreal make up. It seems a lot of the brands are doing this with boots right now. It's great because the gift is worth £28 and includes full size products, you could keep it for yourself or even give it as a christmas gift! I purchased my go to mascara, L'oreal million lashes and a new eyeliner so spent £16. In the set you get a nail varnish, rouge pin up, which I am yet to try but is the perfect festive colour! A Colour Riche lipstick 461 which is a gorgeous red with a slight shimmer, and looks like it is a perfect match to the nail varnish. I already use Colour Riche lipsticks and know they are great lipsticks so I am very pleased to be adding a new addition at such a bargain. The mascara is the Million Carat top coat, a very fine glitter mascara to use over your normal one. You can hardly notice until the light hits your eyelashes and I love it, its not real chunky so it looks really glamourous without looking cheap! The glitter is meant to be like a holographic style, but its more of an iridescent glitter, perfect for the party season or creating those dreamy winter eyes! Lastly you get a few skin care sachet samples and a £2.50 off voucher for the L'oreal true match foundation, which I have to say is a must if you are pale, it is one of my favourites!  
I'm debating if I need to go back to Boots tomorrow and see what the other gift sets that you get free with the other brands are needed in my collection ;) 
Much Love
Natasha x


  1. Your photography is amazing! And the lipstick looks gorgeous :)

  2. Oo that red looks intense! May have to go and spend some money in boots!

  3. Wow these gift set is so beautiful and christmasy. Really good free gift, may have to get my mum a few bits from L'oreal .. she would love this set. I really love your blog, I think it's great. Fab review x

  4. Wow that mascara looks like fun! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  5. Wow! Such beautiful colours. Lovely photography and a gorgeous set xx


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