Pom pom garland DIY

1 Dec 2013

Todays DIY is easy peasy and cost me £5 to make. It'll make a great gift for christmas but also a great decoration for the festive season or like I have done an all round pretty for my room! 

You will need some pom poms, these pom poms are from Hobbycraft and are £4. Amaze colours!
You will also need some wool, and something to thread it, kids plastic sewing needles with large eyes are good, or tape it to a tooth pick or like I did I used a hair grip because I couldn't find my plastic needle!

Thread the pom poms onto the wool, I used nearly the whole pack. Once I'd threaded them all on I pushed them out and decided how close I wanted them to each other and how long I wanted it! Make sure to vary your order of pom poms! And thats it, simple as that! Cheap and quick and super pretty! 


  1. Love these! Will have to give them a go! Need to get a little more creative!


  2. Such a great idea looks very unique and cute xx

  3. I'm on a budget this season & absolutely love pom-poms! this is an adorable idea! :)

  4. These are SO cute!! my housemate is making some white ones for the Christmas tree which look great xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  5. Aw they are so sweet! Am going to try give them a go I think :) x

  6. So cute, seen a few of these the look great! And I love those pompoms with the different colours in.

  7. YAY! i love pom poms, to the point of addiction. love these colours too!

  8. Perfect! I taught myself how to make pom-poms for fancy dress purposes (most things I do are for fancy dress purposes) and was wondering how to put my new found skills to good use - this fits the bill nicely!xxxx


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