22 Dec 2014

#partysos with F&F Clothing

Its that time of the year again that involves having a million wardrobe meltdowns, it seems that every other night you are in need of a new outfit, and by the time you have had a few too many mulled wines there is a high chance you will be leaving your house with odd shoes on! Luckily F&F Clothing have solved all your #partysos needs (not the too much mulled wine bit, you need to see someone else about that) F&F have put together a fab list of what they think you need to be wearing this party season. I chose off the list this very chic white and black blazer, I hardly ever wear monochrome but I have always wanted a white blazer and I thought this was perfect! I teamed it with a black top and black leggings, very simple but very effective. I also got these amazing shoes off the #partysos section, holographic gold - well I couldn't go full monochrome could I?

P.S so many party pieces have gone into the sale- like my shoes, now £11, so its really worth a look!
P.P.S Rings are from my jewellery store ;) 
Much Love
Natasha x


21 Dec 2014

Diy - Fillable Baubles

Its christmas!!! I've broke off work, so I am ready to do all things christmassy. I am really shocked at how quick it has come around though, I totally dont feel prepared, especially as I goto Paris on the 30th!! Did you know that? So yes that does mean, yet again, there will be a whole heap of Paris photos on the blog.  I thought today I would share with you the fillable baubles I bought from Hobby Craft. I dont think I need to show you how to fill baubles, but I thought I might offer a 
little inspiration with mine! 

I filled mine with a winter wonderland! I used white feathers, a polar bear with fake snow, some snow covered acorns and twigs off my garden tree complete with fake snow.
Have you made any christmas decorations? I'd love to know!
Much love and a merry christmas!
Natasha x


7 Dec 2014

WIN some christmas Yankee Candles and also craft your way to a merry christmas with Yankee Candle!

 A month or so ago I was contacted by Yankee Candle to see if I would like to do some easy Christmas crafts on my blog to celebrate their new christmas scents! Of course I jumped at the chance, I love a bit of christmas crafting! The two candles they sent me was Candy Cane Lane and Angels Wings, I have to say my dog kind of wanted to eat the Candy Cane Lane one, it smells delicious! I love these scents as they aren't spiced, and I hate christmas spices, I know what a scrooge eh! There is a chance for you to win both these candles at the end of these easy tutorials!
 Yankee candle sent me some craft kits to help celebrate these two scents, the first one being the Candy Cane Lane kit, here I will show you how to make a giant candy cane star! You will need,
10 candy canes
10 present bows 
 Create a heart shape with the candy canes, you can either use a glue gun to hold them together or tape if you have kids doing the diy! I found it easier to fasten the bottom together then the top as if you do the top first then pull the bottom together it can snap the candy canes.

 Make 5 of these hearts and arrange them to create a star, and fasten these together.

 Cover where you have fastened the candy canes together with the present bows
 Lastly tie your string on and hand your star, this would be amazing for kids to hang on their bedroom doors! I wonder if it would last that long though, or if a few candy canes would go "missing"
 The next tutorial is to make a pair of angel wings, you will need
white feathers (long ones and fluffy ones)
 Fold your card in half and draw a wing on one side
 Cut around your wing, with the card still folded so that you end up cutting the other side as well, and have an equal set of wings
Glue your feathers onto the card so that they create a "step" at the bottom 
Once dry trim your feathers at the top as to bring back the wing shape at the top
 Build up the fluffy feathers on the top half of the wings as to cover up the messy ends of the feathers underneath
Add string and you are ready to go!
I hope you enjoyed these super cheap and easy DIYs, they are great for the family to do. Now for a chance to win your own Candy Cane Lane and Angel Wing Yankee Candles, just follow the instructions bellow! 

So to enter here is what you have to do.
You can gain more entries depending on how many different ways you enter, so heres the list.
Follow Yankee Candle on twitter here (2 Entries)
Follow my blog through GFC (in the side bar) (1 Entry)
Follow my blog on Bloglovin (in the side bar) (1 Entry)
Follow me on twitter here (1 Entry)
Follow me on instagram here ( 1 Entry)
Tweet about the competition (2 Entries)

If you have entered through any of these ways please comment on here to let me know, don't forget to give me your username for each way you have entered. I will check! If you tweet about my competition please provide the link. At the end of your comment please provide your email address so I can let you know if you win. Giveaway open to the UK and ends on 19th December at 23:59 

Good luck and merry christmas!
Natasha x


29 Nov 2014

OOTD: Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

 I know I keep using this location, but it is always different, it never looks the same! Plus I feel really obsessed with grey foggy weather, everything seems to look more beautiful with a coating of grey at the moment. So heres another post, giving me another excuse to prance around in yet another beautiful dress! This beautiful Carrie Dress was sent to me from the beautiful people over at Sugarhill Boutique I love love love this lace dress, I especially love the skirt because it has so much shape to it, it's hard to see in the photos, as it was really windy but it has netting underneath giving a great structured feel. I also love the combination of lace with the sequin collar, its the perfect dress to take you from a meal to party! I have teamed my dress with this flower crown that I whipped up one night at 1am when I was bored, I really love flower crowns for autumn and winter, I think even more so then summer and I think its something that needs to be out there more for this time of season! 

How perfect is this dress?
Much Love
Natasha x


24 Nov 2014

Blog Stamp, the never ending business card maker!

I was contacted by Speedy Stamps to see if I would like a custom made rubber stamp for either my blog or for my jewellery range. Obviously just starting a new brand, I was all up for one for my store, and I have to say I bloody love it! I stamp it onto some thick card and cut into business card size and drop into my parcels that I send out. This stamp is great if you are also looking for business cards for your blog, I mean business cards are pricey, but with a stamp you can make as many as you like! Its also a great way if your planning on sending thank you cards to brands etc to stamp the envelope, get your blogs brand mark out there, stamp your head if you must! The best part is, if you order before 12 noon they send it out on the same day!! Do you know how expensive it is to get business cards sent to you for within 3 days? It can be an extra £18 on top ( yep, I've been there) Also another amazing idea is if you scrap book like me, you can have your own custom stamp for your book, how cool is that eh? 
What do you think to this alternative business card? 
Much Love
Natasha x


17 Nov 2014

DIY Christmas wool cone tree

ITS CHRISTMASSSSSS!! Well it is in my little bubble! I am so excited for all the christmas crafts I have planned, this christmas is going to be fully hands on! This weekend me and Nathan (yes I did force him) sat and did some christmas crafting whilst listening to christmas songs and eating snow bites.   This first craft idea is for the easy peasy wool christmas tree cone above, which will be sat next to the fire place come christmas, it's quite a large cone, the bauble next to it is massive I can't even get both my hands around it.

 You will need:-
PVA Glue
An applicator
Wool or twine
Paper Mache Cone (HobbyCraft £3)
 I chose this beautiful wool because the colours are the exact colours in our lounge, and they gradually blend into each other, plus the gold specks add that christmas sparkle. Remember though, if you are a little messy with crafts, go for a thicker wool, this way your less likely to have gaps, when you wrap the  wool around the cone.
Start by putting some glue on the cone, really drag it out so the layer is thin and tacky, the first bit will seem the most tricky, but wrap the start of your wool around the bottom and make sure it stays in place, DON'T CUT THE WOOL AT ANY POINT.

I found it easier to wrap it round a few times then push down the wool to make it tighter and even, rather then trying to get the wool tight (no gaps) whilst wrapping it. 

Every now and again put the cone on the table and check that its even all the way round, and that not one side is higher then the other.

Just carry it on until you get to the top! Mine took me an hour and half, but Nathans took him 40 minutes as his wool was a lot thicker!

This tree cone is really good because you can get any colour you want, it can match your christmas scheme or your room colour scheme, you could keep it modern and do it in a white wool, or go rustic with twine! And the best thing is, it looks totally professional! 
Are you going to give it a go?
I'd love to see the results
Much Love

9 Nov 2014

The great british dress off

 I think I have the dress of blogger dreams here? I mean Im not one for a cup of tea but I sure do love cupcakes and cookies, and we can pretend its hot chocolate, right?  I had this whole idea of sitting on some steps outside of pastel coloured buildings, eating a cupcake, acting all cute but the weather RUINED my little cupcake dream, and this post had to be done in 10 minutes between down pours just before it got dark, so apologies for the low light! This totally amazing dress was sent to me from Lady Vintage an online store based in London, that designs and has all their dresses made in the UK. They constantly change up the prints they use and have a tonne of different vintage style cuts to suit everyone. I chose the "Tea" cut as being short its the perfect length for me, and really suits my petite frame, my only wish is that the under skirt I own had been the same length so I could have it all plumped out! I just love this fun print, and ladies, I think this is a dress you all need to hint about to your other halves for christmas. I mean do you really need another cupcake recipe book? Wouldn't you prefer to be wearing a cupcake dress?

Much Love
Natasha x


Something handmade beautiful

An underwear post is something I said I would never do, I could never stand taking photos in my underwear to put all over the internet, it's just not me, but when I was contacted by Camden Town and saw this beautiful handmade bralette; I kinda changed my mind. Camden Town promotes unique and independent designers, and as a designer I fully appreciate something handmade. This dark Purple bralette is stunning, it has been made by a designer called Sasha Jane and fits perfectly, and it is so comfortable but yet very pretty. Who could say no to hand made underwear?! I was also sent some illustrated transfer tattoos from Pepper Ink, another one of their listed designers. My top style of illustration has to be the old botanical drawings you get on vintage cigarette cards and these beautiful transfer tattoos remind me of them (they kind of make me hate my actual tattoo) Camden Town is perfect for christmas if you are looking for something that has had a little more thought and a little more love put into it. Now I took the photos of me wearing the bra in the most discreet way possible, and on my phone (yes I put the dslr down for once) but I kinda like the limitations I had, the low light and the intimacy a phone photo can get that my big bulky camera cant.

Will you be buying handmade this year? 
Much Love
Natasha x


5 Nov 2014

dusty pink & fur

I love that in autumn you can get the faux fur out, and this amazing dusty pink fur gilet was sent to me from Celeblook I havent owned a fur gilet for years ( I think I use to wear one with furry boots, yikes!) When I saw this I knew I had to pick this, it looks really high end. The quality is really good, and its all fleecy inside to add extra warmth. I also love the dusty pink colour, I haven't seen any this colour anywhere else, and I think teaming it with pale jeans and a cream jumper is a great way to get away from the rich berry colours in autumn. I've added a simple necklace amethyst triangle necklace from my own Wild Inanda jewellery range. I have to say, when I put on gilet, the dog did think I'd become a giant teddy for him to chase around the house!

Amethyst triangle necklace from Wild Inanda

What do you think to the dusty pink?
Much Love
Natasha x
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