26 Jan 2014

I like to dream in Paris

I love Paris, I have been 8 times in the past 5 years, and I am very much obsessed with the city. It's my dream to live in a Parisian apartment, I am totally in love with the thought and recently been thinking about it a lot. I see things in shops and think that would look nice on my parisian balcony! Every building is beautiful and charming in it's own way, they all look so perfect and elegant, no place compares to Paris. I thought I would share with you some photos I have taken of the beautiful buildings. If only I could see inside! 

Much Love
Natasha x


19 Jan 2014

Telephone wires above, are sizzling like a snare

Today I woke up to the sound of the pouring rain, I'd been planning to take some photos of this beautiful Ark dress in the old town in front of some old pastel buildings but knew there was no chance with the rain and realised today was going to be a pj day. Then this afternoon the rain stopped, and I thought what the hell, I may as well get dressed and just go into the country lane to get some shots before it starts again, and I am so glad I did. The moody sky doesn't really have the dreamy effect I normally have in my photos but I love the colours. I was really excited to get this dress from the lovely people at Ark, I was excited that a, we have some colour coming back to our wardrobes and b, it has a total 60's vibe! I adore the pattern. The collar makes it really cute, and you can just tell collars are going to be everywhere again this year. I wore it with tights with it being january, but I will be wearing this in summer with some pastel wedges. I teamed it with a pastel pink bag from River Island to add to the 60's look, hey what can I say, I'm addicted to the 60's! 

Much Love
Natasha x


12 Jan 2014

Pretty Joules!

Who doesn't love to goto bed? Especially when you have some amazingly pretty bedding! I was asked to pick something from Joules I was very excited as I love this british brand, their shops are so pretty and filled with beautiful products from home to fashion. I decided to go with some bedding as I am obsessed with home decor and having a pretty room! The other week I showed you a DIY for a pillow case I had created, and this was the fabulous bedding that inspired it! I love floral print, but this bedding has the kind of colours that I love, mustards, deep pinks, sky blues, teals, the list goes on. One side of the bedding has the floral print where as the other side has a clashing stripe print that looks fab together! 
I was sent some pink pillows for behind but I also added a sky blue one and a green one. I turned one of the main pillows over to show the stripes and added my two cushions. I love to mix pillows up, and have odd amounts to make it look more quirky. I also bought a mustard yellow knitted throw to add to my new bedding. Not only do I love the look of it all, the quality is really good and to be honest I am finding it very difficult to get out of bed since I put this bedding on

Much Love
Natasha x

11 Jan 2014

Tell me I'm your national anthem

Just before christmas I was contacted by Karma Clothing asking if I wanted to select something from their website to feature on my blog. Karma Clothing sell all their clothing at really affordable prices, which is great, if like me, you love a bargain. I selected a beautiful 60's style smock dress and teamed it with this amazing lime green 60's style oversized cardigan I bought the other day from Primark for only £5. I'd been eyeing it up for ages as well so was chuffed to see it reduced! I adore this look, anything 60's and I am all over it!

Much Love
Natasha x


9 Jan 2014

Bath time with Scruffy Chops

A few months ago I, or should I say Bert and Jacob, got sent some snazzy shampoo and conditioner from the guys at Scruffy Chops to try and review. Now this stuff smells good, I'd use it if I could. Not only does it smell delicious, it's made from only good stuff! It's organic and made from all natural minerals. Now Berty (the one in the bath) has dry skin and is allergic to everything, I mean everything, he has to eat the most expensive dog food and normally uses really expensive vet shampoo, but this shampoo didn't irritate him at all and is a fraction of his £25 shampoo! Also if you have hound dogs you will know how smelly they get when they get all hot in bed and we noticed it kept them smelling fresh. I also thought it was great they do conditioner too and it left their fur really silky. It's such a great product and I will be buying this from now on for the boys thats for sure! Maybe they will become doggy beauty bloggers!

Much Love
Bert & Jacob x


3 Jan 2014

DIY no-sew cushion

Hello, I promised more DIY's this year so here is my first! I've recently been sent some A-MAZING bedding that I am totally in love with (a tease of it can be seen in the photo), its completely changed the look of my room, I'm dead excited to show you my new bedding, I am gathering extras to put with it first and then I will reveal who its by and show you the final look and how I style it! So new bedding means I need new cushions right? Well I already had a stack of cushions for my other bedding that I'd spent a small fortune on but they will not suit my new colour scheme. I really didn't want to go spend another days wage on cushions so I decided to make some. My lovely mum bought me a sewing basket full with goodies inside and a sewing machine for christmas but weirdly my first project was a no sew! I'm going to show you how I created the cushion above which cost me £3 and took 30 mins! 

You will need-
Pom poms (mine are from Hobbycraft, £1 in the sale) 
Plain cushion cover ( Hobbycraft, £1 in the sale)
Felt, I used two colours
Paper (for your stencil) 
Fabric glue

I drew the letter N on to some paper, I then cut it out and pinned it onto the felt and cut it out from two different coloured pieces. I did this letter from my head but you could easily use sites like dafont to get some typeface inspo. I then placed the green one on top of the pink and moved the green one to the left, I then glued the two pieces together. You may need to trim some of the felt from the one underneath, to neaten it up. Then once that is done I glued it onto the center of my cushion cover

Take your pompom and put a small amount of glue on it and some onto the edge of the cushion cover where you intend to stick your pom. I put a cushion in my cover to help me find the edges and have something to hold, as well press against. Another thing to do is to put your hand or some card in to help press against.

The glue I used took hold within about 20 seconds, but I'd recommend testing your glue first on some scrap felt before starting your project to make sure when it dries you cant see it through the material and to get a better idea of how quick it bonds and how much you will need

Continue to put your pompoms all the way around the edges. For the side with the zip just stick them on one side of the material that covers the zip, make sure to life it off with your fingers when you are gluing so you don't glue to the zip!

Once your pompoms are completely around the edges your set to go! You should be able to run your hand through the pompoms on the edge and them not feel like they could come off.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY,  remember to check back soon for the complete look of my new bedding!
Much Love
Natasha x

1 Jan 2014

Goodbye 2013

2013 was the year I became a blogger, and I have to say it was one of the best choices I've ever made. One of the main things is how much it's boosted my confidence, it's really encouraged me to have my own style and even be comfortable in my own skin (ex-self tan addict) The photo above was one of the first outfit posts were I didn't feel 100% like a dingbat posing only about 50%. I've also met some amazing people through blogging and love the blogging community, it is such an awesome place to be a part of. It has given me opportunities to work with some wicked brands and next year is already proving to be just as exciting! My blog has encouraged me to be creative outside of my job, and my new years resolution is to show more of the craft side of my blog (non sew diy cushion coming up next week).  I'd also like to say thank you for all of your lovely comments and for just even reading my blog, I never thought I would even get to 20 followers 10 months ago!

2013 was the year me and Nathan got together, totally a bonus.

I travelled somewhere other then Paris, Valencia

2013 has been the year of my camera, I've never used it so much! 
(that's obviously not my canon but miiiiles more pretty) 

I visited Paris with Nathan, who had never been, so I loved sharing my favourite place with him

I started my own jewellery range

One basset became two

Happy New Year 
Natasha x

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