Bath time with Scruffy Chops

9 Jan 2014

A few months ago I, or should I say Bert and Jacob, got sent some snazzy shampoo and conditioner from the guys at Scruffy Chops to try and review. Now this stuff smells good, I'd use it if I could. Not only does it smell delicious, it's made from only good stuff! It's organic and made from all natural minerals. Now Berty (the one in the bath) has dry skin and is allergic to everything, I mean everything, he has to eat the most expensive dog food and normally uses really expensive vet shampoo, but this shampoo didn't irritate him at all and is a fraction of his £25 shampoo! Also if you have hound dogs you will know how smelly they get when they get all hot in bed and we noticed it kept them smelling fresh. I also thought it was great they do conditioner too and it left their fur really silky. It's such a great product and I will be buying this from now on for the boys thats for sure! Maybe they will become doggy beauty bloggers!

Much Love
Bert & Jacob x


  1. Aww how cute are they in the bath. Seb goes mental when I try to get him in the bath!

  2. He is so adorable! I may have to give this shampoo a try, we have to buy super expensive shampoo for our two pugs but maybe this could be our saver. Thanks for the share xx

  3. Awwww, how adorable is he! :) I have to admit he doesn't look too impressed with being in the bath :)


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