22 Feb 2014

Summer time sadness

Cardigan - Primark
Dress -H&M
Amethyst necklace & Clear Quartz Crystal Ring - Design Rookie
Boots - Levis

Today I got woken up by the bright sun through my window. It was a perfect day, days like this really make me miss summer. You look out the window at the bright sun and blue skies, then you step outside and freeze your socks off! Todays post is to share an outfit I am looking forward to wearing once the weather gets warmer! This gorgeous tassle cardigan caught my eye in Primark the other week, and I knew I immediately needed it for my summer wardrobe to go with my trusty levi boots. I adore the boho look, so always snatch up anything I can find on the high street! If you follow me on instagram and twitter you will have seen photos of the ring and necklace I am wearing. These are my new jewellery venture! I am in the process of hand making a new line of jewellery to sell on my etsy. I wanted to create and sell something that was of a natural style, and have been sat hand making pedants and rings made from, crystals, geodes and fossils. Crystals absolutely fascinate me, and look amazing when wearing them, its great to wear something that has been around for thousands of years formed in volcanoes! So make sure to keep checking back for when I release my new jewellery and for now please check out my shop at the top, as all my current jewellery has been reduced, including the popular macaroon necklaces!
Much Love
Natasha x

16 Feb 2014

Project life

Its been a few weeks since I posted (blame the weather)  and a month since I did a craft post, which is what I promised I would do more of this year! Well you are in for a treat. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hobbycraft to see if I would like to do some craft installments on my blog with them, I jumped at the chance, as I basically live in Hobbycraft! So when I was asked to pick a product to craft away with I knew exactly what to choose! At christmas my Mum bought me some Project Life stuff, so I chose a set of the  Kraft edition cards to go with what my Mum had bought me. Let me explain, Project Life is a new way to scrap book and it is dead easy! To create a project life you need the ring binder, the wallet pages, the cards, photos and a pen. The idea of it is that you just slot your photos in, along side some of the beautifully designed cards to create an almost organised collaged page. Over time I am going to be sharing with you the development of my Project Life and hopefully encourage you all to do something more with your photos other then putting them on the internet

The Kraft edition cards have some amazing designs on them! you get a massive 616 cards!

No gluing, just slide them in

My introduction page, I've added stick on letters onto my photo, this could also be done in photoshop before printing, but I like adding the extra texture!

My first two pages are from my trip to Valencia, it's so much nicer to have photos in your 
hand then on a screen

I have added embellishments on top of the sleeves to add extra character

I'm really excited to create my Project Life in association with HobbyCraft, its something were I can print off a few photos at a time and spend 20 minutes doing 2 pages or I could print off hundreds and spend a full day arranging my images. I'm looking forward to having something to not only keep personal photos in but somewhere to put my blog photos. I hope you'll come back to see my next installment!
Much Love 
Natasha x


1 Feb 2014

Wind in my hair, Hand on the back of my neck.

Hi guys, so I've been trying to get this shot for a while but with our lovely british weather it has been such a struggle! Today there was a gap in the rain (yey) but the wind was crazy (boo) so what did I decide to do, yep goto the marina, where I was nearly blown away, we had to go into the streets of where the old fruit market use to be and find somewhere sheltered away from the wind tunnels that seemed to be down every street! Nathan had a very good moment of chasing my hat down the road (hence the hand to hat in every photo) This gorgeous hearts & bows dress (Ferne) was sent to me from ARK and I absolutely love it, I wore it for my birthday meal a few weeks ago and got so many compliments. I love anything with a collar so this dress was a winner for me straight away, what I love even more though is the pretty print and three quarter length sleeves with cuffs. It has a really chic feel to it. I teamed my dress with a cream coat from H&M, hat from George and boots from Primark, to keep me warm against this wind! 


Much Love
Natasha x

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