Wind in my hair, Hand on the back of my neck.

1 Feb 2014

Hi guys, so I've been trying to get this shot for a while but with our lovely british weather it has been such a struggle! Today there was a gap in the rain (yey) but the wind was crazy (boo) so what did I decide to do, yep goto the marina, where I was nearly blown away, we had to go into the streets of where the old fruit market use to be and find somewhere sheltered away from the wind tunnels that seemed to be down every street! Nathan had a very good moment of chasing my hat down the road (hence the hand to hat in every photo) This gorgeous hearts & bows dress (Ferne) was sent to me from ARK and I absolutely love it, I wore it for my birthday meal a few weeks ago and got so many compliments. I love anything with a collar so this dress was a winner for me straight away, what I love even more though is the pretty print and three quarter length sleeves with cuffs. It has a really chic feel to it. I teamed my dress with a cream coat from H&M, hat from George and boots from Primark, to keep me warm against this wind! 


Much Love
Natasha x


  1. The dress is really pretty and I love the coat! :)

  2. Lovely! I adore that hat!

  3. Love, love, lOVE that dress! You look lovely!

  4. I said "can we party later on?????" he said "yes"

    I love it, and that coat is stunning too!

    Vickie xx | VickieBlogs

  5. amazing style! love your blog! following you!

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!
    I love the background colour and the dress, and the hat is amazing.
    Love love!


  7. Fab photos as always chick, love your hat

  8. Oh wow, I love that dress and you look amazing in it! Going to have a look on ARK now!!


  9. Looking lovely!! I have a thing for collar bodycons and collar shifts at the moment too. There are so many cute ones available atm it's hard to choose! I love the outfit as a whole and I don't blame you for holding on to your hat; you can never trust the weather at the moment around here! xo Amy

  10. Ah your dress is so nice! lovely!

  11. You look so good in a hat and a pretty dress, gorgeous as always hun!


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