31 Mar 2014

Oh my god, I feel it in the air

Hi guys, so this weekend I tried to get some shots done for my jewellery lookbook but it kinda just turned into a fashion post, because it was absolutely freezing.  I went to my local nature reserve to shoot this and was slightly nervous stood in the long grass because I could hear a lot of things rustling in the grass! The sky was grey and everything looked a bit haunting, but when I looked at the shots I loved the atmosphere it created, and thought I would work with that, and have a slight different feel to my shots this week. The dress I am wearing is my new favourite piece of clothing. A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had bought anything clothing from china on ebay, and was met with a lot of negative, no don't do its. A few said this was because sizes are smaller, which I thought for my size would be okay, and others just said they would never trust it. I found this really hard to believe as the majority of clothing you find on the high street has been purchased from places like China. So I went a head and bought this gorgeous white dress for £9! I got a size M and it fits perfectly, its chiffon, and feels really nice on, its not that kind of cheap itchy chiffon either. You can style it to look really chic or bohemian, its so versatile! I've teamed it with these beautiful H&M boots I bought last week, that make me bring out my inner cow girl! I've styled my hair with some feather hair extensions I have made, Ive been debating wether or not to add these into Native Wolf, would you wear them?

I also wore a lot of hand candy from my own jewellery rang Native Wolf, speaking of which will be launching today, so make sure to check it out!!  
Much Love
Natasha x


22 Mar 2014

My New look wishlist

I realised the other week I have never done a wish list! So I thought it was about time I did one. In the past few weeks I have been looking for some bohemian style outfits, for summer and to wear for when I shoot my hand made jewellery lookbook (which the weather keeps stopping). 
I have been really pleased to find how much bohemian style stuff New Look is rocking this spring, I go in and I'm like "oooooo" "ahhhhh"  I've picked out a few pieces that have taken my fancy! This cute playsuit is just amazing for those summer days strolling around unknown cities, and with the black kimono, it's the perfect casual outfit that will also turn heads! I love the high gladiators, anything that makes me think native american, has my vote! Throw on a tan belt, bangles, round sun glasses and some tousled hair, your boho ready!
What do you think of this outfit? I am dying to get my hands on it all!
Much Love
Natasha x

9 Mar 2014

And then it was gone

If you followed me last year you may have remembered I did a post about a trip to the east coast, Spurn Point (Photo Below) Spurn Point is a "hook" of land that seperates the sea from the River Humber (google maps may help to understand). Its an absolutely beautiful place, a nature reserve in fact, however it is the fastest eroding coast line in the whole of europe. The land is literally a road with massive sand dunes on either side covered in grass and full of wildlife. Well it was, at christmas Hull and the east coast had a storm causing a tidal surge, and with the combination of the tidal surge and high tide, the east coast flooded, and well Spurn point disappeared under the sea. Once the tide went out, it was clear to see the damage it had caused, the road, and the sand dunes acting as flood barriers had gone, the river and sea could touch each other half way down the road. Today me and Nathan went, and it was like we were some where different, the land was completely flat, I could walk from the beach to the river, like I was walking across a road. Before when I had visited, I would have to find a part I was able to climb up to get off the beach and onto the road. As much as nature had destroyed it, there was something so beautiful about it. Now Spurn point could just disappear if it was left to nature, meaning the very end where the life boats and the light house are would be cut off, and on its own seperate island. It would also mean the current in the River Humber would be affected causing a lot of problems so as much as mother nature will beat this long skinny piece of land, humans will always be trying to rebuild and save it. 

last year

  this year

 the beach has always been full of history, you can always find a collapsed WW2 bunker somewhere on the beach, but today there seemed to be so much more to explore

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