And then it was gone

9 Mar 2014

If you followed me last year you may have remembered I did a post about a trip to the east coast, Spurn Point (Photo Below) Spurn Point is a "hook" of land that seperates the sea from the River Humber (google maps may help to understand). Its an absolutely beautiful place, a nature reserve in fact, however it is the fastest eroding coast line in the whole of europe. The land is literally a road with massive sand dunes on either side covered in grass and full of wildlife. Well it was, at christmas Hull and the east coast had a storm causing a tidal surge, and with the combination of the tidal surge and high tide, the east coast flooded, and well Spurn point disappeared under the sea. Once the tide went out, it was clear to see the damage it had caused, the road, and the sand dunes acting as flood barriers had gone, the river and sea could touch each other half way down the road. Today me and Nathan went, and it was like we were some where different, the land was completely flat, I could walk from the beach to the river, like I was walking across a road. Before when I had visited, I would have to find a part I was able to climb up to get off the beach and onto the road. As much as nature had destroyed it, there was something so beautiful about it. Now Spurn point could just disappear if it was left to nature, meaning the very end where the life boats and the light house are would be cut off, and on its own seperate island. It would also mean the current in the River Humber would be affected causing a lot of problems so as much as mother nature will beat this long skinny piece of land, humans will always be trying to rebuild and save it. 

last year

  this year

 the beach has always been full of history, you can always find a collapsed WW2 bunker somewhere on the beach, but today there seemed to be so much more to explore


  1. Beautiful photos :)
    I love going for walks, especially today would have been fab.


  2. Such beautiful photos but such a sad circumstance to follow those events!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. I live down in Devon and after the storms, the coastline has changed SO much. Its so sad to see, but I guess that is natures way!!


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