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31 Mar 2014

Hi guys, so this weekend I tried to get some shots done for my jewellery lookbook but it kinda just turned into a fashion post, because it was absolutely freezing.  I went to my local nature reserve to shoot this and was slightly nervous stood in the long grass because I could hear a lot of things rustling in the grass! The sky was grey and everything looked a bit haunting, but when I looked at the shots I loved the atmosphere it created, and thought I would work with that, and have a slight different feel to my shots this week. The dress I am wearing is my new favourite piece of clothing. A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had bought anything clothing from china on ebay, and was met with a lot of negative, no don't do its. A few said this was because sizes are smaller, which I thought for my size would be okay, and others just said they would never trust it. I found this really hard to believe as the majority of clothing you find on the high street has been purchased from places like China. So I went a head and bought this gorgeous white dress for £9! I got a size M and it fits perfectly, its chiffon, and feels really nice on, its not that kind of cheap itchy chiffon either. You can style it to look really chic or bohemian, its so versatile! I've teamed it with these beautiful H&M boots I bought last week, that make me bring out my inner cow girl! I've styled my hair with some feather hair extensions I have made, Ive been debating wether or not to add these into Native Wolf, would you wear them?

I also wore a lot of hand candy from my own jewellery rang Native Wolf, speaking of which will be launching today, so make sure to check it out!!  
Much Love
Natasha x


  1. These pictures are just spectacular! x


  2. Lovely photography, you look so pretty! This is such a nice dress and what a bargain!



  3. Your fashion posts are just incredible. You BEAUT. xxxxx

  4. Absolutely love your photography in these shots! Can't wait to see more of your jewellery collection too, looks gorgeous.

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  5. Love this dress, I agree with you, most of the stuff on the high street is from China anyway, so although I'd be wary about sizing, I don't see a lot wrong with it. These photos are awesome.

    1. As long as you go by the measurments not the size your fine :D x

  6. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Here's the link to the post so you can check it out: http://sammisunsworld.blogspot.com/2014/04/leibster-award.html


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