13 Apr 2014

DIY wire "love" arm band

A month ago I was contacted by Jewellery Maker they are a company that specialize in jewellery supplies, they sell the most gorgeous semi precious beads and have won a tonne of awards. They also have online work shops you can take to learn new jewellery skills no matter what your experience is, they cater for everyone! They got in touch with me to ask if I would like to choose a kit off their website and do you, my lovely followers, a step by step tutorial. I chose their Jewellery maker tool kit and some gold tone wire (1.25 mm in thickness). 
I decided to show you how to make a wire " love" arm bangle

 I love these tools as they are really good quality, and if you are like me, I loose everything so the handy case is great and hello the tools are pink! 

 Now take a good amount of wire, about 60 cm to be safe! and cut it using the wire cutters. Please do not try to cut wire with scissors as it will most likely just break your scissors into two pieces and you may end up cutting yourself!  

 Now start creating the "l" by bending it into shape with your fingers leaving a good few inches before the letter.

 Using the pliers slightly squash were the wire crosses, this just helps to make it feel a bit more sturdy.

Now using the pliers start to make an "O" with the wire, you will need to loop it one and a half time. You will get use to the feel of using the pliers to manipulate the wire. 

 Now start to bend the wire into the "v" the great thing is with using a wire of this thickness, if you make a mistake its easy to flatten the wire back out with the pliers.

 Once you have made the "v" start to curve the "e" a good distance away from the v a little bit at a time, as its very easy to misjudge on how much wire you need for the "e" If you start to curve it around to close to the v you will end up with a tiny "e"

 Once you have all your letters done make sure the word is tight by using the pliers to gently squeeze where any wire overlaps.

 Now I am showing you this part on my wrist, as its ridiculously hard to take a photo of the top of your own arm with a massive camera, you could make this into a wrist bangle if you like but if your doing this for your arm make sure to do it on your arm! You need to put the word to your arm and slightly press it like you are molding it, bending it to the shape of your arm. Then on the piece before the L create a little loop and cut the excess wire off, you may need to file the end so its not sharp!

 Then bend the rest of the wire around your arm until you reach the loop, then cut off an inch further along the wire to were you met the loop. Then curve the end over and this will be used to hook 
onto the loop

 You now have a wire arm band! I found that you may need to manipulate it slightly on your arm to make it more comfortable. Making your own with this type of wire is great because you get the perfect size for your arm, meaning it stays in place and the wire is flexible enough to be able to mould to your shape, yet rigid enough to not end up all crushed! Of course you could make the word love, or any other word and put it on a chain, or you could even experiment and make a shape for a wire arm band!
Let me know what you all think, and if you're going to have a go!
Much Love 
Natasha x


9 Apr 2014

Pastel Paris

I never did share the beautiful maxi dress you see in the photos, when I wore it to Paris, I love the colours and I love how it moves, I bought it from TKMAXX. Pastels are everywhere right now so I thought it would be great to share with you for my Paris colour feature,   
my very own pastel Paris with you
Much Love
Natasha x


5 Apr 2014

Paris - Paint the town red

   Its getting to that time again, were I long to be back in Paris, so I thought I would share with you a series of photos based on colour, because, well I'm a designer so Im a colour geek. This way I get to have an excuse to go through all my Paris photos and maybe persuade some of you to visit my favourite place in the world.

Much Love 
Natasha x

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