26 May 2014

DIY rustic coaster photo transfer

Today I did a DIY, what's that I hear you saying, finally? yeah I know, I've been slow lately, but I did do another DIY today as well to post next week, so I think I can be let off! Im a HUGE fan of A Beautiful Mess  I have never been so inspired by something as much as Elsie and Emma's amazing blog. They often do image transfers, which I did a lot of at college, and seeing it on their blog kicked me into doing my own transfer image DIY to share with you all. A lot of people do these on canvas' but I wanted to do something a little different, and decided to make rustic tile coasters!
 You will need :- 
4 photo laser printouts, nothing fancy ( I printed some images from a trip to kilensea, as all the colours were similar so make a great set) 
mod podge, mine is matt but you can use glossy.
a sponge applicator or brush
4 tiles, I got mine from B&Q fro £1 each, if you dont want a rustic look for for a smoother tile
First cover your image in mod podge, don't be too tight with the glue, a decent layer will work better but don't go crazy!  Then place your tile onto the image, turn the tile and image over and rub the paper and smooth out any bubbles in the paper. Turn the tile and paper back over and leave to dry, I left mine over night to be sure but 4 hours should work.
Once it has dried, using a damp cloth, lightly wet the paper, don't add too much, you can always add more if its not enough. Then starts rubbing the paper away.
Rub outwards to the edge of the tile, this means when you finally get to the edge, the excess paper off the tile should just come away, don't pull any paper off.
Once you've rubbed the paper off, leave the tile to dry a few minutes and you may see a white fuzz on the tile, it's just excess paper still on the tile. Using the damp cloth and rub the tile in a buffing motion to remove these tiny pieces. Let it dry, and repeat if necessary. 
Once the tile has dried, coat the tile in a thin layer of mod podge to seal the image, let dry and repeat a couple of times. This will mean the tile can be wiped clean, don't ever submerge it in water.

I love using the rustic tiles because it means any errors in the rubbing just add to the effect! If you do go wrong, chances are you didn't use enough glue if its just coming off or you didn't let it dry enough, you can easily get the image off at this stage by washing and using the rough side of a sponge.
I'm going to tie this lot up and give them to my Gran, as she has always visited kilensea, and use to take my mum when she was little with my Grandad.
Let me know if you have a go, I'd love to see! 
Much Love
Natasha x


17 May 2014

OOTD: Hot summer days, rock and roll, the way that you play for me at your show

The sun is shining again, which means summer is on its way and it means I can get my legs out finally (even though they are white enough to reflect the sun and crash cars!) Ark sent me this beautiful dress, I love everything about the 60's style (which Im always a sucker for) the collar, the detailed flowers and the neon clash with the black and white, and best of all its on SALE. Yep on Sale, in fact Ark have many amazing items on sale right now, lots of pieces for summer! 
(PS how incredible does Hull Marina look) 

Much Love 
Natasha x
Ps how are you liking the new blog design?


11 May 2014

Bonjour French Food

Last week me and Nathan booked our summer trip to France, and we thought we would celebrate by having a little spot of french lunch! A few weeks ago I was sent a parcel from Bonjour French Food , they offer a monthly subscription were they send you a surprise package each month filled with delicious gourmet french food from a different region of France. Excellent for people who love all things french or just amazing high quality food! In my package was Cassoulet with duck confit, powder of espelette pepper, onion confit with espelette pepper, tuna terrine with garlic and kanougas. You also get a booklet that translates what everything is (great for my not so excellent french) and it tells you about places to visit in the chosen region, as well as recipes to be able to help you make meals with the items in the box! Me and Nathan had a 30 minute slot for some lunch and we decided to test out the Terrine de thon a l'ail, which is the tuna terrine with garlic. Im not the most adventurous person in the kitchen so was really glad for the booklet which told me what to do! We cooked some pasta and mixed in the terrine as a pesto, it changed a quick boring meal into something absolutely delicious! I cant wait to have a bit longer in the kitchen to be able experiment with the rest, as someone who isn't that brave in the kitchen with things I don't know, it really encourages you to be more adventurous! Oh and the Kanougas, they are THE most amazing soft caramels I have ever had, I didn't need any time to eat all them up!  

Much Love
Natasha x


3 May 2014

"You said I was the most exotic flower"

I know, I know, every fashion post I do, I title it with a Lana Del Rey quote, I just can't help it- good job her new album is coming out, Im nearly all out! Anyway I haven't done an outfit post in such a long time, I've just been so busy and if I haven't been busy I've been full of cold. I thought what better 
time to get back onto my fashion posts but when I have new hair! what do you think of my auburn locks? It's quite a big deal for me, I NEVER change my hair, but have always wished I had auburn hair, especially as I have such fair skin. 
So my favourite people over at Ark sent me this amazing Ark for women jumpsuit, being so tiny I always struggle with jumpsuits to fit me but I couldn't resist this! I'm so glad I chose this though, all I needed to do was roll the legs under and it was a perfect fit. I adore the summery flower pattern and vivid colours, I picked out the hint of pink in the pattern and teamed my lovely pointed pink heels with it. I love the fit of the jumpsuit, its so smart and flattering, and the cut out sides make it that little more fun. I have a wedding to attend soon, and will definitely be putting this outfit back on for it- I love it! 

Much Love
Natasha x

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