Native Wolf goodness!

1 Jul 2014

Hello, I thought I would share with you a little update for my shop Native Wolf The support I've received from the blogging community is amazing, and I am so thankful for this! I've had a little break for a month or so due to being busy and supply issues, but OH MY DAYS I have the most beautiful crystals waiting to be played with. I CANNOT wait to get making. My shop is full of pretty crystal jewellery waiting for new homes. Personally I am not a spiritual person but I am always amazed at these natural formations, and appreciate them as one of the most amazing things the earth has to offer us. Make sure you follow my instagram account for native wolf - nativewolfjewellery as I often update it when my new crystals arrive and please feel free to ask any questions or make any requests! 
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Much Love
Natasha x


  1. Wow! These are just so beautiful Natasha! I'm going to have a sneaky peek at Native Wolf goodies now! x

  2. gorgeous photos!!

    stop by,

  3. These are stunning! I really one!! xx

  4. Wow. Beautiful jewellery. i'll definitely be adding them to my Christmas list. (Nothing wrong with planning early - ha ha)


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