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29 Jul 2014

Hellooooo princess hair! This post is kind of an introduction to some amazing hair extensions I was sent last week from Hair Trade. Now I say introduction because they don't match the colour of my hair as my auburn hair has faded really badly over the past 6 weeks, so I am trying a new dye tomorrow, so should be all back to being auburn and vibrant, then I will style them properly! I was sent an I&K weft in auburn  in 22" Now the weft is one long strip of hair, so you have to cut it into the correct sized pieces and sew on your own clips. I have had a fair few sets of extensions and I prefer doing this as I always have spare pieces, meaning I can double up the thickness of some of the pieces or go a little crazy with the spares like ombre them. If you have never had hair extensions before and fancy the weft, I would recommend looking at a set of extensions with clips, to give you an idea of how many pieces you need for a full head before you chop them up, I clip 5 pieces in and find this enough and comfortable. I'd like to think I am some what of a hair extension clip in pro! I always make my hair extensions last ages because I only wear them for going out, holidays, cough blog photos and take really good care of them. Now these human hair extensions are of super high quality, they have a good weight to them- 113g which is always a good way to indicate the quality! They are sooooo silky, by far the best ones I have had! Its worth paying for the quality, you need good quality or none at all! There is nothing worse then seeing a girl with what looks like barbie dolls hair mangled into her own.
I cant wait to dye my hair and show you how I will style them properly!

Ps its national lipstick day so heres jacob appreciating my minty lipstick whilst I took this photo!

Much Love
Natasha x


  1. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous xxx

  2. Eee! They look great hun, I'm glad you like them, :):) Looks great, very natural :) Kim xx

  3. Your hair looks very natural!

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