DIY Gold plastic animal photo holders

31 Aug 2014

I love animals, and always have and I love crafting so this DIY was very fun to do! It's also dirt cheap, easy and a great gift idea (The big C word will be here in 3 months) These gold animal photo holders only take about 30 minutes to do.

 You will need:
1) plastic animals- I got mine from wilkinsons and pound shop, the cheaper animals are better as they are easier to put holes in, it doesn't matter if they look a bit rubbish because you will be spraying them.
2) Spray Paint- I got these smalls cans from wilkinsons and chose to use the gold
3) Gold wire
4) A pin
5) Wire cutters and pliers 

1) Pop the pin in the back of your animal were you would like to put your wire later and spray your first layer of paint, thin layers are better then one thick layer. Make sure to wait between coats so that it dries properly. 

 I sprayed mine in a shoe box in the garden

2) Cut a piece of wire and loop the end round a few times, this will be to slot your photo in

3) Hold your wire ex to your animal to how long you want it to be trim your piece of wire to where the bottom of the animal is, you will need to push the wire right in to make it more sturdy.

4) I pushed the pin around the edge of the hole created by the pin to make the hole bigger for the wire to fit in. Once you have a big enough hole push the wire all the way in.

I think these look really good on my shelf, even without making them into photo holders, they would have just looked great for decoration. These would make great presents for people, not only will you be able to use their favourite animal but it will also have that handmade touch and be totally unique! 
Let me know if you have a go and don't forget to tweet me the photo! 
Much Love
Natasha x


  1. These are just the absolute cutest, love it! x

  2. That's such an awesome easy idea and the effect looks great, definitely want to give this a go xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  3. These are so wonderful! Just adorable. :-)

  4. oh gosh i love these!!! that hippo would look so good on my shelf! x

  5. This is SO cute and SO clever! Thanks for DIY, gonna try this soon! xxx



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