The patterned trousers

24 Aug 2014

I have so many outfit posts to share with you from Paris, and lots of outfits to get snapped as well. However as much as I love these posts, and love doing them, I feel I am lacking on the craft front lately on the blog, but I should have a really cool crafty post for you next week, in fact I have so many crafty projects to crack on with, I have no idea where I am going to get the time from to do them all. I sometimes think I put too much on myself, graphic designer in the day, blogger, my jewellery and then the pile of craft supplies building up shouting out at me to get started. I always feel I have no time to get it all done, and I always end up neglecting something! Anyway, this outfit was snapped whilst strolling around Paris just as the sun went down, we had a few showers whilst in Paris, but on this day as the sun went down it seemed to get warmer and I could take my jacket off. The jelly sandals with the big bows actually saved my feet, Nathan bought me them whilst we were there as my pointed pumps had caused me the worst blister on the INSIDE, yeah inside of my little toe, and all my shoes and sandals squashed my toes. I was very grumpy and I think Nathan was desperate to sort it to shut me up. I do love them though, as I am a big fan of bows! The blouse and trousers are both from Primark. Even though I am petite, wearing smarter trousers and tops often makes me look a bit frumpy because surprisingly to many, small girls can also be curvy. I find having a tiny waist compared to my hips, makes trousers really emphasise my hips, and only having 27" legs really doesn't help! However I really thought this print flattered me and didn't give me the frumpy look. I really love the colour palette in this outfit, as it's not normally the colours I go for!  

Much Love
Natasha x


  1. You look wonderful Natasha, such a doll x

  2. I love these stand out trousers, looking gorgeous as always hun xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  3. i adore the print - the photos are gorgeous too!

    from helen at // blog sale

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