M&S A/W14 60's vibes

13 Oct 2014

M&S have some brand spanking new adverts on the go at the moment, and they really do make you stop and watch! For years I never would have stepped in M&S, thinking it was more for older women, but hello have you seen the advert below! These women look amazing and what they are wearing is even more amazing. I was totally drawn in by the 60's vibe going on and you all know I love the 60's. I put together some of my favourite picks from the website on the 60's theme but I could have done so many moodboard- I was really drawn to all their products that have an earthy bohemian feel to them, but no, I had to focus myself and stick to the task in hand. I love the bright bold colours, and I think its great to stand out in autumn whilst everyone else is wearing black. I love the yellow mini skirt and polo neck combination as well as sticking on those over the knee boots (Ariana Grande style), it just screams 60' chic. The blue coat is perfect for a clashing colour with the yellow and the shape is really flattering. If the over the knee boots are too much for you, I'd team the look with another block colour with the red chelsea boots. For an elegant touch I've added some leather gloves to wear when it gets chilly as well as the black bag with that strip of colour on. I love this whole outfit, and I am really impressed with M&S, there is so much that would appeal to my age, and within my budget. I would highly recommend looking at their coats, wether you are looking for oversized, pastel, fur, you name it they have it. I would go as far as saying they have the best selection I have seen on the high street this season.
Don't forget to check out the advert below, I'm sure there will be some style inspo in there for you all! 
Do you shop at M&S and have you checked out the new season? I'd love to hear from you! 

Much love
Natasha x

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  1. That bag is amazing! xx

  2. I've watched this advert through so many times - I just love it!! <3 Gisforgingers xx

  3. M&s have really upped their games the last few years, they always have some fab pieces now. Over the yellow mini


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