N. Yorkshire Moors with Craghoppers and nike courtesy of Get the Label

29 Oct 2014

On sunday I made my way, along with my Mum and basset hound, Jacob, to a log cabin in Wrelton on the North Yorkshire Moors. I love the country and going in Autumn was the most amazing time to pick. The colours were beautiful, and the hill tops were lost to the mist, it really was something spectacular. On the first day we were walking through the woods (which Jacob being a hound dog loved so much, his nose was constantly following scents) we stumbled upon two families of deer, leaping through the trees and plants, it was stunning to see them in the woods in such large groups, this was my highlight of the trip! A few weeks before the trip I was lucky to get contacted by an online store called Get The Label and asked if I'd like to pick a few items I liked. Instead of going for a dress I thought I would go for some outdoor gear for my trip! Get The Label sell branded and designer items at discount prices, so its really good if your looking for chritmas presents! My boyfriend was very jealous when my items came and asked me why I didn't pick guy items, silly question right? I chose a Craghoppers coat, which has a fleece attached inside, and it literally saved me! It was so cold on the moors but I didn't feel it at all in this coat compared to when I put my winter parka on to goto the Pub. I also chose some Nike trainers for when we went walking on land a little less muddy, they were so comfortable to slip on after wearing my heavy walking boots for 5 hours on the moors (the colour also matched my coat obviously). They sell so many brands from Converse and Ralph Lauren to Ax Paris and Levis, its a great site if you are after outdoor clothing or fashion clothing, it has something for everyone!  
Seriously considering ditching all "fashion" coats for this one 
(ps this is at the log cabin) 
I tried a bit of long exposure with my camera
 I need this to be my every day (without the seat gripping, breath holding 30% up hill drive)

Jacob was really tired from all the walking, he actually refused to move at one point

I think you can see from the photos how stunning the moors are, and also how much Jacob enjoyed himself on his little adventure! 
Have you been to the Moors?
Much Love 
Natasha x


  1. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous woofer! Looks lovely :)

  2. Beautiful photos

    Shanika ~ shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, I just adore your photography Natasha x


  4. I've never been to Yorkshire, but I reallyyy want to! my grandparents are from the moors in Lancashire and it's such a beautiful place. Beautiful photos! x


  5. Looks like a lovely break. We're going up north in a couple weeks I can't wait now

  6. Looks AMAZING. So beautiful and peaceful. Xx

    1. it really was, perfect time of the year to have gone! xx


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