Out of my comfort zone with some goth vibes for halloween

31 Oct 2014

 Happy Halloween!! I know I'm not super scary but its hard to be when you are wearing such lovely clothes, but I've tried to add a bit of a spooky vibe?!  This outfit was sent to me from my pals over at Ark to have some fun with for halloween. The dress is velvet with a mesh area on the chest and arms, and its a great dress to take you from the gothic look to the christmas look by adding a gold bag and heels! The coat, now lets talk about this amazing coat, it has a baby pink fur collar! baby pink! and another good thing is that it also comes off which is perfect for me as I HATE wearing fur when it rains, its like having a wet dog around my neck. So this obviously isn't my normal look but I kind of loved rocking the goth vibe it totally embraces my red hair and pale skin (not that you can tell my hair is red with my super amaze spooky colour editing) I thought I'd also share with you a funny little story, that when we went to the nature reserve to shoot this, some men passing could see me through the trees and all we could hear was them saying "look a deer, is it a deer? I think its a deer, be really quiet" for them to then slowly move closer and closer with massive binoculars for a better look, he ended up about 10m away before realising it was "kids taking photos" Now I don't know about you but I've never seen a deer wearing a black coat with a pink collar?


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