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5 Oct 2014

I thought I would start doing posts now and again on bloggers, instagramers, crafters or designers who inspire me. I mean there is plenty of people who I fan girl over every day on instagram, but I never share them on my blog.And what a better person to start with then Me and Orla Sara's blog is filled with beautiful photography, with walks in the Yorkshire country side and stunning photos with her little girl Orla. I found Sarah through instagram here Sara's instagram is the most perfect account I have ever seen, and with nearly 40k followers I guess Im not the only one who thinks so! Her photos taken in her dreamy home in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside are so inspiring and the photos with her litte girl, Orla, are the most adorable Mum and daughter photos ever! Not only does Sara have the perfect instagram and blog, she's also one of those people who even though has thousands of followers, actually replies to your comments and has a little chat! I mean imagine that, someone who replies! 
Lovely person with an even lovelier account!  

Much Love
Natasha x

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  1. Such a nice idea! Sharing the love is lovely!

    Shanika |


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