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19 Oct 2014

I mentioned last week in my outfit post that the necklace I was wearing was one I had made from my jewellery brand, Wild Inanda. If you can remember a few months ago I started making crystal jewellery under the name of Native Wolf, however I changed the name to something more unique as googling Native Wolf just brought up a lot of stuff about wolves (surprisingly). I got the name from doing my family tree a few years ago, Inanda was my Great x3 Gran's name who was Nordic. I've also found out it means beauty in Zulu so thought it was very fitting for the type of items I sell. So a new name and some new branding later, I have a new adventure. A new name isn't a new adventure you may be thinking, however this time I have started my own website along side Etsy, as well as a few new surprises. I'm so excited, nervous and scared! I've bought so many crystals for the wire wrap jewellery I make myself, as well as the new side of sourcing beautiful silver pieces of jewellery and crystals for the home from around the world to sell alongside my handmade stuff. It's only been a week since I launched my website and the response from people has been great. It's early days, and I know global domination isn't going to happen over night, being a new brand is really hard, you have no following as people don't know you and they have no loyalty to you- but I am going to work so hard to get this going and let my little adventure become a success! 
Please check out my website here, I'd love to know what you think?
You can also find me on twitter and instagram  

 Much Love
Natasha x


  1. Ah really inspirational! Every piece looks soo pretty and unique. Good luck with it all!

    Anna xxx


  2. the purple quartz necklace is stunning! good luck!

  3. These pieces are beautiful!! :)

    LeviJade xx


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