24 Nov 2014

Blog Stamp, the never ending business card maker!

I was contacted by Speedy Stamps to see if I would like a custom made rubber stamp for either my blog or for my jewellery range. Obviously just starting a new brand, I was all up for one for my store, and I have to say I bloody love it! I stamp it onto some thick card and cut into business card size and drop into my parcels that I send out. This stamp is great if you are also looking for business cards for your blog, I mean business cards are pricey, but with a stamp you can make as many as you like! Its also a great way if your planning on sending thank you cards to brands etc to stamp the envelope, get your blogs brand mark out there, stamp your head if you must! The best part is, if you order before 12 noon they send it out on the same day!! Do you know how expensive it is to get business cards sent to you for within 3 days? It can be an extra £18 on top ( yep, I've been there) Also another amazing idea is if you scrap book like me, you can have your own custom stamp for your book, how cool is that eh? 
What do you think to this alternative business card? 
Much Love
Natasha x



  1. This is so cute, such a clever idea x


    1. they have that hand crafted feel you dont get with a printed card!

  2. That's a brilliant idea!!

    1. it also means you can have the best quality card and not end up paying £2 a card!

  3. This is such a good idea, and you can save a lot of money I reckon xxx


  4. Love the idea of a stamp! Looks awesome.

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  5. Hey,
    I really like your Blog! Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC?
    But only if you like my Blog too :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx

  6. I love this idea! xx



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