DIY Christmas wool cone tree

17 Nov 2014

ITS CHRISTMASSSSSS!! Well it is in my little bubble! I am so excited for all the christmas crafts I have planned, this christmas is going to be fully hands on! This weekend me and Nathan (yes I did force him) sat and did some christmas crafting whilst listening to christmas songs and eating snow bites.   This first craft idea is for the easy peasy wool christmas tree cone above, which will be sat next to the fire place come christmas, it's quite a large cone, the bauble next to it is massive I can't even get both my hands around it.

 You will need:-
PVA Glue
An applicator
Wool or twine
Paper Mache Cone (HobbyCraft £3)
 I chose this beautiful wool because the colours are the exact colours in our lounge, and they gradually blend into each other, plus the gold specks add that christmas sparkle. Remember though, if you are a little messy with crafts, go for a thicker wool, this way your less likely to have gaps, when you wrap the  wool around the cone.
Start by putting some glue on the cone, really drag it out so the layer is thin and tacky, the first bit will seem the most tricky, but wrap the start of your wool around the bottom and make sure it stays in place, DON'T CUT THE WOOL AT ANY POINT.

I found it easier to wrap it round a few times then push down the wool to make it tighter and even, rather then trying to get the wool tight (no gaps) whilst wrapping it. 

Every now and again put the cone on the table and check that its even all the way round, and that not one side is higher then the other.

Just carry it on until you get to the top! Mine took me an hour and half, but Nathans took him 40 minutes as his wool was a lot thicker!

This tree cone is really good because you can get any colour you want, it can match your christmas scheme or your room colour scheme, you could keep it modern and do it in a white wool, or go rustic with twine! And the best thing is, it looks totally professional! 
Are you going to give it a go?
I'd love to see the results
Much Love


  1. Eeep this is so cute! ^__^ I'll have to try this one day, you've made it so beautifully :) <3

    Jemma xx

  2. This looks absolutely beautiful definitely want to give it a go now, thanks for sharing xx


  3. I love this season, it puts you in such a crafty mood! Great work, I shall try this of course.


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