Take me to work with you? OOTD - Blue Vanilla

3 Nov 2014

This dress was sent to me from the same people who sent me my beautiful baroque skirt- Blue Vanilla. I've been living in this dress for work (Jacob hates it when I leave him to goto work, until I give him a good bye biscuit) As you know I love a collar on a dress, and this one has not only a collar, but a bit of a good old jazzy collar, with jewelled brooch like embellishments. The beautiful rich colours are perfect for autumn and its the perfect dress to take you from work to date night! 

What do you wear to work?
Much Love
Natasha x


  1. How cute! I love this whole outfit, especially the collar embellishment! I would definitely wear this to work!


  2. So beautiful Natasha, you look lovely x


  3. Very cute look!

    Shanika ~ shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Aw Jacob is so sweet!! Lovely print on this dress, it really suits you!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog


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