WIN some christmas Yankee Candles and also craft your way to a merry christmas with Yankee Candle!

7 Dec 2014

 A month or so ago I was contacted by Yankee Candle to see if I would like to do some easy Christmas crafts on my blog to celebrate their new christmas scents! Of course I jumped at the chance, I love a bit of christmas crafting! The two candles they sent me was Candy Cane Lane and Angels Wings, I have to say my dog kind of wanted to eat the Candy Cane Lane one, it smells delicious! I love these scents as they aren't spiced, and I hate christmas spices, I know what a scrooge eh! There is a chance for you to win both these candles at the end of these easy tutorials!
 Yankee candle sent me some craft kits to help celebrate these two scents, the first one being the Candy Cane Lane kit, here I will show you how to make a giant candy cane star! You will need,
10 candy canes
10 present bows 
 Create a heart shape with the candy canes, you can either use a glue gun to hold them together or tape if you have kids doing the diy! I found it easier to fasten the bottom together then the top as if you do the top first then pull the bottom together it can snap the candy canes.

 Make 5 of these hearts and arrange them to create a star, and fasten these together.

 Cover where you have fastened the candy canes together with the present bows
 Lastly tie your string on and hand your star, this would be amazing for kids to hang on their bedroom doors! I wonder if it would last that long though, or if a few candy canes would go "missing"
 The next tutorial is to make a pair of angel wings, you will need
white feathers (long ones and fluffy ones)
 Fold your card in half and draw a wing on one side
 Cut around your wing, with the card still folded so that you end up cutting the other side as well, and have an equal set of wings
Glue your feathers onto the card so that they create a "step" at the bottom 
Once dry trim your feathers at the top as to bring back the wing shape at the top
 Build up the fluffy feathers on the top half of the wings as to cover up the messy ends of the feathers underneath
Add string and you are ready to go!
I hope you enjoyed these super cheap and easy DIYs, they are great for the family to do. Now for a chance to win your own Candy Cane Lane and Angel Wing Yankee Candles, just follow the instructions bellow! 

So to enter here is what you have to do.
You can gain more entries depending on how many different ways you enter, so heres the list.
Follow Yankee Candle on twitter here (2 Entries)
Follow my blog through GFC (in the side bar) (1 Entry)
Follow my blog on Bloglovin (in the side bar) (1 Entry)
Follow me on twitter here (1 Entry)
Follow me on instagram here ( 1 Entry)
Tweet about the competition (2 Entries)

If you have entered through any of these ways please comment on here to let me know, don't forget to give me your username for each way you have entered. I will check! If you tweet about my competition please provide the link. At the end of your comment please provide your email address so I can let you know if you win. Giveaway open to the UK and ends on 19th December at 23:59 

Good luck and merry christmas!
Natasha x


  1. Followed you on twitter and bloglovin. Follow yankee candle on twitter too :) x

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    1. That candy cane star is amazing! I am definitely going to try making one, thanks it's such a good idea! I'd love to enter your competiton please, I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candles!
      I follow Yankee Candle on twitter (@emsypickle)
      I follow your blog on bloglovin (emsy)
      I follow you on Instagram (emsypickle)
      I follow you on twitter (@emsypickle)

      Thanks hun, Merry Christmas :D xx Emsy xx

  3. Great tutorials- the wings are so cute!
    I follow your blog on bloglovin (OhHay)
    I follow your blog on GFC (
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    I follow you on twitter (@LaurenGemmaHay)
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  4. Great post lovely! Love the angel wings, and my kids will love making candy cane stars!!!
    I have retweeted your post on twitter!
    Happy Christmas xx

  5. love those angel wings!
    I'm following you & Yankee on Twitter (@ThingsSheMakes) & Bloglovin (TheThingsSheMakes)
    My fingers are crossed! x


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