14 Dec 2015

Party time with Sugarhill Boutique

It's chriiiiiistmaaaaaaaaas! I'm so excited! I love the festive season and all the christmas parties that come with it. The ladies over at Sugarhill Boutique sent me this beautiful outfit to help me sparkle at the christmas parties!

15 Nov 2015

Black Friday with Boohoo

This month is flyyyyying by! I am totally ready for christmas, I've already got the gift wrap ready. But before we make our way into december, we have that amazing but yet crazy shopping day to get through first, black friday.

6 Nov 2015

October through Instagram

A new monthly feature I thought I would start! You have probably seen a lot of my instagram posts if you follow me, but I thought it would be nice to get it all in once place to sum up my month! I obviously went to the moors for a week, but I also had a bit of a hair change and went red!

Whats in my Mi-Pac?

A while ago I was sent a really cool rucksack from Mi-Pac via Ark it completely fed my geeky side with a galaxy print on it! I used it on our recent holiday to the moors, and Nathan pinched it!

31 Oct 2015


 #StayFitDontQuit is campaign Get The Label are running over the colder months to encourage people to stay fit! Summer is loooooong gone and its SO easy to stop being active over winter (and eat all the mince pies) My idea of keeping fit is NOT the gym, I hate the gym, I prefer to be out in the open air, not only are you being active, but you can have an amazing day out, which to me makes staying active really fun and well, makes it seem like you're not even exercising!

18 Oct 2015

All aboard! Mens style OOTD

 So I've had a bit of a change in my look this week, only joking, Nathan has made his first ootd appearance! I have to say he stepped right into, striking a pose on the North Yorkshire Moors steam train, whilst people sat watching him, I wouldn't have done it!

13 Oct 2015

autumn heartbeats featuring Fat Face

Fat Face sent me the perfect outfit to keep me looking good but perfect for the countryside. They sent me the comfiest pair of jeans in a rich red berry, which this season along side emerald green, is my perfect colour choice.

11 Sep 2015

OOTD: Autumn Sun

 Im excited for autumn, I feel I can trust the weather more, that its not going to trick me into thinking its boiling hot but then turn into a cold storm 2 hours later. Im excited to wear jackets and this jacket from Luxemme* is perfect for autumn, its really comfortable and is perfect to dress an outfit up,

6 Sep 2015

Adidas Essentials

This is a shock right? No pretty dresses or flowing skirts in this post! I'll be honest I am not a gym person but I love sports gear for when I go for a walk or run so I was delighted when JD Sport contacted me about their new exclusive Adidas range Adidas is brand that I feel you can always trust. I don't normally show my stomach but looking at these photos with the Adidas sports bra I feel pretty damn good! The Adidas Essentials at JD is super comfortable, flattering and the perfect fit. The seams lay flat against the skin, so there is no rubbing, as I know sometimes seams around my hips make my skin sore. I also love that this Adidas essentials kit comes in not only 
black but in a peach colour too!
What do you think to the Adidas kit?

31 Aug 2015

Santorini at night

 Santorini at night is just something I had to share, we stayed just at the start of Oia, the most beautiful town on the island. Every day we would adventure around the island, then on the night come back to the hotel, and get ready to go for a meal and wander the pretty streets of Oia.

18 Aug 2015

Santorini- outfit one

 I am suffering from the holiday blues- big time! Its raining outside, I'm in winter PJ's and the view out of my window just isn't quite Santorini. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that last week I traveled to Santorini.

28 Jun 2015

Ootd: "I tell you all the time, Heaven is a place on earth with you"

Its been a while since I did an outfit post, mainly due to unpredictable weather, broken down cars and the fact I have a viral infection, meaning I'm covered in a rash! However this delay in a way was a blessing, as yesterday was the most glorious day, and we took a trip to a local stately home for their nostalgic weekend, so we got to wander the beautiful gardens providing the perfect back drop for outfit photos. This beautiful dress I am wearing was sent to me from the ever so lovely ladies at Sugarhill Boutique. Its called the Hope Stamp print midi dress and really reminded me of all the beautiful Mediterranean prints I'm a little bit obsessed with at the moment! Not only do I love the pattern on this dress but the shape is really flattering on me even if I am only short! Sugarhill are now stocking sizes 6's so I was keen to see what the fit was like, and it was perfect! I teamed mine with my wrap headband to create a retro feel, and obviously flats as I was walking around gardens, but a pair of pointed heels would make this a perfect dress for popping a bar on a warm summer night!
What do you think to this style of dress? Is it something you would wear?
Much Love
Natasha x

25 Jun 2015

#PawHumour: The many faces of Jacob

As you all know I am a little crazy about the little man I have in my life. His short legs, his massive ears, his baggy skin, the salvia all over me and every single thing I own. No I'm not talking about Nathan, I'm talking about Jacob my 4 year old Basset Hound. I love Jacob more then anything in the world, it is like having a toddler, hes nothing like a dog. This is why I make sure to have Jacob insured, because you never know what could happen, and well Jacob trips over his ears ALL the time and often ends up with a split lip. RSPCA pet insurance offers great deals for insuring your furry friends, you can even insure dogs and cats on the same policy. Thats not even the best part, your policy means £20 will go directly to RSPCA. RSPCA do an amazing job, I know from personal experience with our rescue dog Bessy, and they are completely funded by donations only, so not only will you be keeping your pet safe, but you will also be helping those furry creatures who have been neglected. To celebrate this, I thought I would share a little bit of #Pawhumour, presenting the many faces of Jacob!

"Hi I'm Jacob, nice to meet you"  face
Its too windy face
 Saturday morning face
 "Im sleeping, go away" face
 I is so sad face
 ADVENTURE! - face
 so what if I ripped everything up when you was at work face.

"And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off. Shake it off" - face
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate
Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off. Shake it off

SQUIRREL! - face

Basset hounds have a lot of faces, thats all I can say, which is your favourite? And dont forget to check out MORE TH>N insurance and do a good deed whilst looking after your furry friend! 
 Much Love
Natasha & Jacob x

*Sponsored Post

21 Jun 2015

DIY: mediterranean "tiled" Dressing table and a look at my new room decor

 It has been a while since I did a DIY which makes me very sad, but I have come back with the BEST DIY that I have ever done on my blog. One night whilst on pinterest, I came across a bohemian/ meditterranean/ morrocan inspired bedroom and that was it,  I was in love so the next day I painted my room white, got a light coloured carpet, and completely re bought all my accessories and bedding.
All I needed was a more authentic feature in  my room, like a tiled dressing table!
My dressing table before I tiled it. 

Did you really think I tiled? I mean I know I can do a lot of DIY projects but tiling is another level. So here comes my secret, vinyl tile decals from Snazzy Decals. These amazing tile decals are perfect for sticking over existing tiles in kitchens and bathrooms as well as using on staircases, or in my case to jazz up a dressing table and mirror. It means you dont have to re-tile and can get a beautiful new look, and save a fortune, as tiles, even wallpaper in this type of design, are normally designer ranges or vintage and the prices are really really high.

 The vinyl tiles peel away from the backing easily
    Line the tile decal up as to where you would like it with only a little bit of the backing peeled back
 Once you have it where you would like it, pull the rest of the back off and smooth the decal down

 And it is that easy!

 I have a glass top on my dresser but the decals are actually waterproof, scratch resistant and protected from fading in the sun. I also put the tiles around my mirror which hid unsightly holes as well as making the space look even more amazing.

 Bright and bold accessories to contrast with the blue and white.
 Beautiful tiled bedding to match

 I am so pleased with how my dressing table looks, the lovely lady who runs Snazzy Decals Pauline, is so helpful, she helps with choosing a design and making them to custom fit. She also offers an amazing service were you can send a photo, for example a photo of the area at the back of your kitchen sink, and she will mock up an image so you can see how it will look before you buy. I highly recommend these vinyl tile decals for an easy update to your home. 
What do you think to the new look in my room, and these tile decals?
Much Love

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