25 Jan 2015

Thomas Sabo with Joshua James Jewellery

I am going to start this post by saying I am a very, very, very lucky girl! Why you may ask? Well I have been lucky enough to have a beautiful Thomas Sabo charm bracelet sent to me from the super friendly guys over at Joshua James Jewellery! I know pretty awesome right? What also makes me really excited by this is that Joshua James is a local jewellers to where I live, the store is in the small town Hessle just outside of Hull in East Yorkshire, which feels great to be working with a local business! They stock all your major jewelley brands from Pandora to Michael Kors. They also have a fabulous website that is super easy to use. On the Thomas Sabo section they even have a charm builder part, where you can select the bracelet you want and the charms you want adding and with Valentines day coming up Ladies, it would be a very helpful tool for the man in your life to help 
pick you the perfect gift ;) 
I chose the thicker bracelet, as i prefer chunkier chains. The actual bracelet comes with a free charm- the clover leaf one, which in itself is worth £39.99! I then chose the kola charm, they have the most amazing selection of animal charms, I have my eye on the hedgehog charm next! Another great thing is that Joshua James offer UK next day free delivery!  

I love the idea of building up the charm bracelet and telling a story, getting a charm for a special occasion or a special reason. Charm bracelets are timeless, you know you can wear it now in 2015 and that in ten years time you'll be able to wear it then!
What do you think of my bracelet? Would you like one Valentines day?
Much Love
Natasha xxx

18 Jan 2015

Wild Inanda Jewellery

Oh it has been so long since I blogged, like 4 weeks? it's the longest I haven't blogged for! I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, and a good new year (we went to Paris, which will be a blog post soon!) I've been really busy, with going on holiday, going back to work, catching a cold, being ill off work and trying to take over the world with my jewellery range... well not quite but I have been working hard! I have so many new items in my store, that I have either spent many sleepless nights sourcing or blistered my hands making. I am so excited for this year and what it will hold for Wild Inanda, I feel I have really found the route I want to be taking with it, its early days but I'm feeling positive! I have new ranges that I have started, and some new designs I am planning on making. I've been hoping to get some looks shot but its so cold, have you stepped outside lately? I did and I stepped right back inside! If you haven't checked out my store I would love if you could and let me know what you think.

Let me know what you think! 
Much Love
Natasha x

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