8 Mar 2015

Mothers day shopping list with Thomas Sabo at Silvertree Jewellery

Its always nice to discover a new online jewellery store that isn't the "known ones" you get on every high street and I was recently contacted by Silver Tree Jewellery. After browsing their site and adding waaaay too much to my basket I was pleasantly surprised to see how many different brands they sell sell from Pandora to my favourtie watch brand Olivia Burton.
Its mothers day next week and its time to spoil the lovely Mum (or Mam if your from Hull!) in your life. I always like to buy my Mum something special, buying something for the sake of it is always pointless to me, I like to buy her something she can keep for years to come. As you know I am a fan of Thomas Sabo and have put together my favourite pieces of Thomas Sabo from Silver Tree Jewellery that I think my Mum would love. Obviously Thomas Sabo are famous for their charms, so naturally I am starting with their beaded charm bracelet that lets you hang one or two charms from it. I think this is really pretty and delicate, and a really special present that's not going to break the bank and I LOVE the little lamb charm to add its perfect for spring! Thomas Sabo also sell really pretty rings, and my mum doesn't like bulky rings so theirs are perfect for her, a dainty bow or simple dot ring is enough to be able to wear it every day and have that sentimental value. Now if you want to really spoil your Mum I think any Mum would love the Thomas Sabo "Mothers Day open your heart" necklaces. I think you will agree how stunning and show stopping these necklaces are, this is the kind of thing I would buy my Mum that she could keep forever for those special occasions, and I think my Mum is totally worth it. What I think is great about Silver Tree Jewellery is that they offer free gift wrapping on all orders, free delivery on all orders and spend over £80 and you receive a free necklace! Go have a look around their site even if your already sorted for Mothers day, Im sure there will be a birthday or anniversary (maybe a pay day present for yourself) in the future that will need something special and you'll know to go straight to Silver Tree Jewellery

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  1. Omg that bow ring is adorable =]


    1. isnt it just! so cute and dainty!

  2. I love Thomas Sabo and have a few charms, but I really love the gold heart pendant necklace xxx

    1. its amazing isnt it! I really need the hedgehog charm they do! xxx

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    Diana Cloudlet

  4. Your mother's day shopping list is really amazing, I loved all the jewellery.

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