Instagram in a month - March

1 Apr 2015

Its April and I thought I would start a new feature on my blog where every month I do a little look back at my month through instagram. I've been trying really hard to get colour back into my instagram and I'm finding it really fun! I love having to think a little more about my posts, and what else I can add to a photo to get more "blue in the photo" or to "clash with another colour". Im loving that the days are brighter and getting longer, it means that I have more time to take photos! 
I'd love if you could follow my new look instagram and let me know what you think about it.
Much love 
Natasha x


  1. So colourful =]

  2. So much style (particularly love that middle pic!), so much color, so much "happy"! I love these "instagram-from-the-month" type posts!
    ~ Samantha

  3. Your instagram is so colourful! I love it, a lot of the time peoples instagrams are very white and and blurred, I like that yours are all bright and happy.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  4. wow so cool i acidently found you
    i follow you on instagram for so Long
    and love your hair Color
    amazing <3

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

  5. Your instagram is so bright and cool! So cute x
    Almsee x

  6. You have the most colourful instagram, I love it!


  7. Your instagram is so amazingly colourful! I'm so jealous <3 Gisforgingers xx


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